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  • Cleaning Outside of range hood DEEP CLEAN: Cleaning of Hob and chimney filters.

  • Baseboards wipe or dust DEEP CLEAN: Behind refrigerator and oven cleaning.

  • Outside cleaning of fridge.

  • Clean and mop the floors. DEEP CLEAN: Floors scrubbed and buffed with machine

  • Wipe table and chairs. DEEP CLEAN: Doors/frames spot cleaning for fingerprints

  • Wipe and disinfect all exterior appliances.

  • General dusting. DEEP CLEAN: Individual knickknacks cleaned

  • Countertops cleaning.

  • Disinfect and clean the sink and sink area.

  • Removal of Cobwebs.

  • Cleaning of Hard water stains.

  • Wipe and organize all exterior shelves.

  • Dust and disinfect cabinets from outside.


  1. Dusting of furniture involves only external cleaning of furniture/cupboards.

  2. Internal cleaning would be charged extra for kitchen cabinets.