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Professional Cleaning Company

We are market leaders with more than 6 years experience. We have well trained, reliable, trustworthy and skilled professionals. The cleaning agents used by us results in a harm less surrounding for your loved ones. Our punctuality and promptness  has always won appreciation of clients. Lastly, Our  Feedback and Redressal System is unparalleled as we have a robust after sales support as well.


What They Said About Us

Sparkling house, great workers, very well mannered and obedient. Great to know klean homz existence. Love their services. Please inform us if you start any new services. We would be happy to take house related service from klean homz specially pest control.


Excellent professional service. Follow up support equally up to the mark. I am very satisfied with the work done and I recommend Kleanhomz to all for quality service at reasonable rates. Good job…Keep it up.

–Harpreet Sokhi

Our Exclusive Cleaning Services in Gurgaon, and Delhi

We offer a wide array of cleaning services in Gurgaon to include comprehensive cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties. We have a fully equipped team that offers excellent service to clients based on their customized requirements.

We also have been a preferred cleaning company for clients in Delhi as our team extends their cleaning services to various parts of Delhi as well. Our hardworking, reliable & trustworthy team with all the equipment&tools is just a call away whenever you wish to hire cleaning services in Delhi.

Our cleaning services include:

Home Cleaning Services

  • Bedroom Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Living area Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Balcony, driveway, back and front yard cleaning


Commercial Cleaning

  • Office cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Café Cleaning
  • Showroom Cleaning
  • Shop Cleaning


Dry Cleaning

  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Chair Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning


Basic Cleaning (Hourly Cleaning)

  • Basic Home Cleaning
  • Basic Office Cleaning


Pest Control Services

  • General Pest Control
  • Kitchen Pest Control
  • Termite Treatment


Floor Services

  • Floor Scrubbing& Floor Buffing
  • Floor Polishing


  • Post Construction/Interior Site Cleaning


  • Move In/Out Cleaning


  • After Party Cleaning


Home Cleaning

We offer the best home cleaning services with more than eight years of experience in the industry. We offer various packages for cleaning, which are customized based on the needs of customers. Our home cleaning services include bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, along withbalconies. We make sure your home is free of bacteria and germs and a safe place for your family and kids.

Commercial Cleaning

Having a clean workspace is essential for growth and future of any company as the output of its employees increases manifold. It also strikes a good impression on clients, associates, and employees. You can hire us for deep cleaning services in Gurgaon. We are not only experts in cleaning offices but also shops, stores, showrooms, hotels, education institutes, café, restaurant, fitness centres, dancing institutes, schools, and photo studios. We offer excellent dry cleaning like sofa cleaning services in Gurgaon as well as carpet cleaning in Gurgaon.

Our commercial services are available in Delhi as well. The offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, fitness centres, cafes, education institutes, schools, and photo studios can hire us and get spic and span premises with help of our deep cleaning services in Delhi, which includes dry cleaning like sofa and carpet cleaning services.

Dry Cleaning

Your home cleaning is incomplete till the time you clean the furnishings. We are one of the best dry cleaning services in Gurgaon that can clean your sofa, chair, mattresses, and carpets efficiently within no time. Our carpet cleaning in Gurgaon is done in a way that carpets are left clean and fresh. Our team does intense vacuuming and sofa cleaningby using special solutions for loosening the dirt.

We extend our cleaning services in Delhi where you can hire our team for cleaning the chair, mattress, sofa, and carpets effectively within no time. Our team comes with industrial dry cleaning machines & equipment intended for extensive vacuuming and dry cleaning termed as sofa cleaning Delhi. The carpet cleaning in Delhi leaves them dirt free and looking like new.

Basic Cleaning

When you choose the hourly basis basic house maintaining services, our team offers a basic cleaning of your home. The floor and furniture are covered in basic cleaning services. You can also hire our hourly services for cleaning your house after coming back from a vacation.

The basic cleaning services are available for your office as well. Our team cleans the floors, carpets, and furniture of the office in basic cleaning on the hourly basis.

Pest Control Services

It is important for yourhouse to be pest free for the safety of loved ones. Klean Homz offers pest control services along with deep cleaning services so that your house becomes a safe place to reside. Our technicians use eco-friendly products and methods for getting rid of pests.

Floor Services-

Our floor cleaning services not only make the floors dirt free but also make them smooth and shining. The floor cleaning includes floor scrubbing which is done with help of eco-friendly agents and special scrubbing pads for reviving the shine of flooring. The floor polishing is done using special scrubbing and buffing pads with eco-friendly cleaning agents. It adds layers of freshness to the floors.

Post Construction/Interior Site Cleaning

The house can be a mess after renovation or construction has been done in the house. You need skilful and efficient professionals for cleaning the wood shavings and paint marks from the house. The cleaning crew will descale as well as disinfect the entire house which includes floor scrubbing, kitchen, balconies, glass windows, along with removing paint marks, cobwebs, wood shavings, carpentry dust, and minor cement deposits.

Move In/Out Cleaning

It is important for keep your house clean while moving in so that you and family have a clean and hygiene place when you shift. Every one wishes for a clean place when they move to a newer home. Our team helps in cleaning the house thoroughly so that you have a fresh and clean space to move in. Similarly, while moving out, you need to clean the house so that it is clean when you visit it again or for the new tenant who may shift after you have left.

After Party Cleaning

Your house can be all mess after a party or celebration but worry not as our team can be a helping hand in cleaning the mess from the house. Right from floor cleaning services in Gurgaon after party to disposing ofempty bottles, plates, and glasses, we will clean it all.

Apart from these, we also offer exclusive service called ‘Gift a Cleaning.’ You can gift your near and dear ones a home cleaning service to make them happy and show that ‘you care.’ Isn’t it wonderful? Be it any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, festival, after party cleaning, etc.; we are just a call away.  

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