Make your visitors feel welcome and valued by having well cared for upholstery. Using specially designed products, equipment and methods, the upholstery experts at Klean Homz help restore the beauty of your upholstered furniture. Removing dust and allergens from chairs can lead to a healthier environment for everyone. We remove the hard-to-see contaminants that exist in upholstery, such as dead skin cells, oils and dust that can only be removed with a thorough professional cleaning, and give the upholstery a new lease of life.

Here’s why you can trust Klean Homz to do a better job:

  • We’re more knowledgeable.
  • We’re experienced in upholstery that come in all varieties of fabrics, textures and blends..
  • Our experts eliminate the guesswork and select the best cleaning method.
  • Our use of Non-Acidic cleaning solutions.


Our methods are safe for all kinds of upholstery and fabrics and can help:

  • Removes most stains and spots already present.
  • Reduce the effects of wear on furniture.
  • Extend the life of upholstery and protect your investment
  • Eliminate persistent odors.