We use mattresses regularly because they are a part of our daily life. In older days we would spread out to Sunlight to get them disinfected but nowadays that’s something that we can’t do because of the pollution around us, so it needs periodic professional cleaning. Don’t worry about having to haul your mattress somewhere to be cleaned. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will arrive at your location to clean and sanitize your mattress on site.

The mattresses makes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites because the mattress is warm, humid and collects high amount of human’s dead skin flakes that are shed every night when we sleep. Besides dust mites and dust, the mattress also contains our body fluid residue, bacteria, and other microorganisms, but many of us are unaware of the problem because our mattresses are always nicely covered by bed linen.

It is important to keep our mattresses clean and hygienic as we sleep on them. We are a hygienic cleaning company providing mattress dry cleaning/shampooing which removes the dust and bacteria from the mattress.