Your sofa is probably one of the most comfortable and often-used spots around the house. But keeping it clean and stain-free while also ensuring the original sheen stays for long is never an easy task. But it can be, when you have the cleaning experts at your service anywhere in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida. Our sofa cleaning service ensures your comfortable couch is returned to almost original, we do the best work ensuring the fabric isn’t damaged. It’s time to get rid of those leftover food stains or other marks that affect the beauty of your expensive sofa.

  • Intensive vacuuming lifts dust from every corner of your sofa, all the trapped dust, germs, mites will be removed.
  • Our fabric friendly solution lifts all the trapped dirt to the surface and we then extract them by our powerful dry cleaning machine.
  • Most Stains and Spots will be removed.
  • Semi-Drying using vacuuming.
  • Complete Drying takes 4-6 hours. The Sofas must be left unused during that time.