We at Klean Homz know that your kitchen’s cleanliness is very important to you and your family. This is why we have set aside a specialized service for your convenience. You can trust our cleaning professionals to perform a thoroughly cleaned kitchen. Save time and effort with the kitchen cleaning services, and be rest assured that we will provide you with a personalized plan that tends to your needs and schedule. Our cleaners will arrive at the time best suited for you and with all of their tools & equipments, which is provided by the company, so that you can have peace of mind.

  • Removal of Cobwebs.
  • Dusting of Ceilings and all Electrical Fixtures, Switch Boards etc
  • Cleaning of Hard water stains.
  • Cleaning of chimney filters.
  • Wipe and organize all exterior shelves.
  • Dust and disinfect cabinets from outside.
  • Cleaning of Hob and chimney filters.
  • Dust, Wipe & Clean Counter tops & Baseboards. De-grease them too.
  • Wipe and disinfect all exterior appliances. De-grease them too.
  • Wipe and organize all exterior shelves. De-grease them too.
  • Disinfect and clean the sink and sink area.
  • Cleaning of Hard water stains.
  • Dust, disinfect & spot cleaning of doors, cabinets from outside. De-grease them too.
  • Floors scrubbed and buffed with Machine and/or Hand.


  1. Dusting of furniture involves only external cleaning of furniture/cupboards.
  2. Internal cleaning would be charged extra for kitchen cabinets.