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Save Time And Money With Professional Sofa Cleaning

Whether you have a fun house party with your friends or share some intimate moments watching a sweet rom-com with your significant other or just want to lounge and enjoy your takeout after a long day at works, your sofa will be your constant companion. Your living room is truly incomplete without this beloved piece of furniture, and it is only fair that you take good care of the ones you love. But with a busy schedule, we totally understand if your couch has been left uncared for ever since it arrived at your home. So, does that mean you take a day off to clean your sofa? Not at all! With the assistance of professional sofa cleaning , you have no worry in the world about your sofa. Here’s how the service will help you save time and money.

  1. Increases the durability of your couch

A quality sofa does not come cheap. They mostly start at a minimum price of Rs.20000/-. So, it is not plausible for one to buy one every few months or years. The lush upholstery often gets spots and smudges from accidental spillage. And then, there is the generic dirt that settles in place from daily use. Even if you make an attempt to clean your sofa with some water, soap and scrubber, the chances are you will ruin the expensive sofa fabric or moisture from your cleaning job will seep into the foam and damage the wooden frame underneath. So, save yourself from making a big investment on a new sofa by maintaining the beauty of your old one by getting it cleaned by a professional service every once in a while.

The professionals use industrial vacuum to suction out all traces of moisture along with the dirt and grime, which will not only leave your sofa in a sparkling condition on the outside but also keep it in a very good shape from the inside. They also make sure to use fabric friendly cleaners so your upholstery fabric doesn’t have to endure even the tiniest bit of harshness which keeps it looking happy and new for a very long time. Hence, professional cleaning will definitely prolong the life of your furniture.

  1. Reduce the medical bills

A survey has found that the couch of a usual household holds more germs than that of a toilet seat. All the movie time snacks you enjoy on your couch often find their way into the crevices of the couch. Apart from that, there are dust particles, pollen grains, pet dander and a lot more yuck that are known allergens which makes your sofa home. This not only increases the germ count but also invites new bug friends to the party. While bugs and insects can cause severe irritations on your skin, allergens can cause and worsen ailments like asthma and a variety of respiratory diseases.

The strong suction of industrial vacuum used by deep cleaning services extracts out even the tiniest of impurities from even the deepest layers of your sofa. The thorough cleaning leaves your sofa super hygienic and healthy for use.

We suggest deep cleaning on a frequent basis if you have children and/or pets in your home.

  1. No need to spend money on appliances

If you want to take control of the situation and clean your sofa just like the professionals, then be ready to burn a considerable hole in your pocket. Appliances like industrial vacuum cleaner do not come cheap and the cheap ones do not do a job even half as good. But the problem does not just end with expenses, these tools are quite bulky so you will also need to find a place for storage and let us tell it does eat up quite a good amount of that.

Apart from that, a good deep cleaning of your sofa also eliminates allergens that could have easily been released into the surrounding air you breathe which adds up to the indoor pollution. The situation can get so severe that one might have to invest in an air purifier to breathe quality air. So, frequent cleaning also helps to keep the air of your home clean eliminating the need of air purifiers or in case you already own one then you can save up on the electricity bill by turning it on less often.

  1. Save the room freshener

The stench of a dirty sofa is, unfortunately, quite noticeable. All those crumbs from your snack and accidental spillage of your drinks just go from bad to worse every passing day. While one can obviously try to mask the smell temporarily with a generous spray of room freshener, it will surely come back stronger. So, instead of investing in cans after cans of room freshener, get your sofa the deep clean it deserves and say goodbye to that obnoxious stench.

  1. Don’t waste time before any big event

Whether it’s Diwali or Christmas or a big house party you are throwing, it is very likely that you will be super busy with the arrangements. However, do you really want you guests to see that ketchup stain on your couch? Definitely not, right? Instead of losing your sleep over cleaning your sofa perfectly, hand over the responsibility of your sofa to the professional sofa cleaning services and book yourself a spa appointment so you welcome your guest with a radiant face and not under-eye bags.

The thorough cleaning of the couch takes of every little spot or stain whether they are new or old. So, you can rest assured that your guest will be impressed by the immaculate look and feel of your sofa with not even a single spot in vision.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone immediately and contact a trustworthy professional cleaning service like Klean Homz to see the mesmerizing difference they can make to your home with their incredible services. Give your sofa the tender loving care it truly deserves!

Tips On How To Clean And Maintain Leather Furniture

Do you have leather furniture pieces at home? If yes, then it is important that you take proper care of them so that they can last longer and continue giving a stunning look to your home. Most of the homeowners prefer using leather furniture as it is one of the most low-maintenance, hard-wearing surfaces available. Keeping your leather chair, sofa or ottoman clean is comparatively easy if you follow the right steps.

Why people prefer to use leather?

Being a durable product, leather does not wear out, thus there will be no loose threads or piles in the long run. Moreover, you will feel cool and comfortable when you sit on leather furniture like sofa as high-quality leather is very porous. Moreover, leather comes with the non-absorbent character which makes it easier to clean. Households with small pets and children will find leather furniture suitable when spills take place. In addition, for individuals suffering from dirt allergic reactions, leather upholstery is the suggested option as it keeps away smells from cigarettes.

Thus, there are many benefits that leather upholstery offers and hence this is one of the most preferred options among homeowners.

Listed below are some of the tips that you can refer to when it comes to maintaining leather furniture:

  • Just like wood, leather can also lose colour, thicken, and crack when placed close to heat sources as it can dry up. Thus, you should avoid placing it very close to fireplaces or in an area that gets direct sunlight.
  • Use dirt free, white cloth to dust the furniture every couple of weeks so that it stays spotless. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust from the furniture.
  • You should be wary of throws, clothes, and cushions that are not colour-fast. These products, when wet can quickly transfer the colour to the leather furniture and may make it look stained. In case you own any such items make sure that they are kept away from your new leather sofa.
  • In case of minor spots and spills, clean up any excess liquid right away with a clean sponge or absorbent cloth. If needed, make use of a lightly dampen soft cloth with lukewarm water, and allow it air dry on its own. In case water is utilized, make sure that the whole area is cleaned thoroughly.
  • In order to clean accumulated dirt, use a damp soft cloth to clean the surface. Prior to doing this for the first time, check the leather in a spot that is not noticeable to make sure it does not absorb the water. In case absorption occurs, use only a dry cloth.
  • Keep in mind that leather scratches easily, so avoid using sharp objects close to the furniture. Lightly buff the surface with a chamois. If the scratch remains, apply a very small amount of distilled water into the scratch and blot with a dry cloth. Never use furniture polish, cleaning solvents, varnish, oils, ammonia water or abrasive cleaners to clean the leather.
  • The leather is prone to soaking up body oils. Revitalize your leather furniture with a combination of two parts linseed oil to one part white vinegar. You can utilize a dirt free white cloth to apply the mixture in a round motion. Keep it in that way for ten minutes, then buff with a clean cloth. This will help your leather furniture to look bright and new once again.

These are some of the general tips that you can refer to when it comes to maintaining the leather furniture.

Long-term leather furniture maintenance and maintenance

  • Get the leather furniture cleaned by a professional every so often to maintain, but how often will depend on your lifestyle.
  • Keeping the furniture nice and clean is important, but maintaining its shape so that it looks great and offers maximum support is also essential. Plumping your sofa’s cushions up at the end of every day of use will go a long way towards keeping the whole thing in its correct place, and it does not take long to do at all. In addition, carrying out this simple act will also keep abnormal creases from forming in the leather. In case your sofa has a feather of fibre filling, plumping is totally essential, as they do not have the intrinsic ability to spring back as foam does.
  • After every six to twelve months, apply a leather conditioner as this can help to stop the leather from cracking and drying out. Be conscious that if you reside in an arid climate, your leather furnishings may dry off quicker.

Things that you should avoid doing on leather furniture

  • Avoid eating on your leather furniture as crumbs and greasy foods may leave a lasting impression on it.
  • Never place the leather furniture near the window as the direct sunlight may cause the thing to dry up and get fade. Of course, it is impossible for your leather upholstery to avoid light and heat completely, but minimizing contact can really extend its life.
  • Be careful about letting your furry friend on your leather furniture as they can scratch on them which might wear down the leather furniture.
  • Do not place the leather upholstery near the swimming pool as excess water is not good for leather and the chemicals from the pool water may stain it as well.


Thus, it can be said that taking care of your leather furniture can be an easy ritual of daily maintenance and being conscious of how you use it. Remember that taking care of your leather furniture will lengthen its life. Hence, essentially, read the instructions that your manufacturer provides and know what kind of leather you are buying and how to best take care of it. The best thing about leather is that since this is a natural product if it is treated well, it will age beautifully and will continue to enhance the beauty of the area where it is placed.

Best Ways to Reduce Summer Allergens In Your Home

Want to fill in your lungs with the nourishing freshness of clean air? Quite unfortunately the air quality of the capital city of India happens to be the worst of any major city in the world according to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization. So, chances are if you are living in and around Delhi during the approaching summers, then the merciless sun will not be your only concern. Like it or not, the April showers might bring you may flower but with that also comes a load of pollens mixed with pollution into your lives and make their presence felt with allergies and respiratory issues just for starters.

One of the most common advices you receive to avoid the wrath of the tropical sun and the pollution of the city is to stay in the safe haven of your home. But do you really thing your home is truly safe from pollution and allergy inducing particles? Sorry to break it to you, it is not. But does it have to stay that way this summer? Absolutely not! So, here are some handy dandy ways to not only keep the air of your home at its purest but to also reduce summer allergies.

  • Deep Clean The Sofa And Mattress

No matter how pricey your sofa or mattress is they are still made out of super absorbent materials such as latex foam or synthetic memory which is what give you the soft support and comfort after a long day. However, the downside of the absorbent material is it absorbs. Everything from dust, pollens, pet dander, germs and mites settle on the surface and eventually make their way into the deeper layers of furniture and make it their home. In addition to that, there is the accidental spillage of beverage on the sofa, the crumbs from your favourite snack which make their way into the crannies, the summer night sweating on the bed which only encourages the growth of more nasty germs and bugs.

Oftentimes we try to take the situation in our own hands and get scrubbing with some cleaner we got off the shelves of the grocery store and a scrubber. This does more harm than good before you even realize it. The cleaners are too harsh for the delicate and expensive upholstery fabric. The water you use to clean the sofa or mattress gets logged into the pores of the spongy material and gives new life to yucky moulds and eventually causes severe damage to the wooden structure of the furniture.

So, what might be the solution? Professional dry cleaning to reduce allergies! Yes, we are talking about your mattress and not your expensive designer saree. All you have got to do is give them a call and they will arrive at your doorstep with the right equipment to tackle the situation. They vacuum out every tiny bit of dirt and grime from your sofa and mattress and then use special cleaners which are gentle on the fabric but touch on stains and germs. And, finally they extract the moisture from the sponges to leave you with a squeaky clean and hygienic sofa and bed.

  • Avoid Dusting And Sweeping

Most suspended particles in the air settle down eventually on the surfaces of your furniture, electronic devices, floor, etc. Now, when you use a broom or a duster to dust away the air, it surely cleans the surface, but where do you think that entire gunk goes? It again gets suspended in the same air you fill you delicate lungs with. Instead of dusting or beating the couch with a plastic broom; resort to vacuum cleaners. If the task of vacuuming every nook and cranny of your home seem like a tiring task for you, then you can take professional help every few weeks to help you get a deep cleaning of your entire house which will render it free of allergy causing pollens, germs and pollutants.

  • Invest in an Air Purifier

Once you have eliminates all the potential allergens from your home then it equally important to take steps that will maintain the clarity and hygiene of your clean home. One efficient way to do it is through the use of air purifiers available in the Indian markets form 8k and above. Look for purifiers which have HEPA filters which stands for high-efficiency particulate air which helps in trapping a majority of harmful particles suspended in the air which can bring a drastic change in allergic reaction and your overall health. You should also be getting an air purifier that is meant for the size of your room for it to work effectively. Air purifiers not only purify your air but also cut down on your cleaning and dusting sessions by trapping dust particle within its filters.

  • Invest In Indoor Plants

Most aesthetically pleasing picture of home decor you pin in Pinterest has one thing in common and that are indoor plants. Plants amp up the beauty of your home by threefold just by their sheer presence in any corner. If you have been living under the rock then NASA conducted a clean air study and came up with a long list of plants which are efficient at absorbing indoor pollutants such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Plants such as Gerbera Daisy, Pot Mum, English Ivy, Mother-In-Laws Tongue, Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily, Golden Pothos and Janet Craig were on the list of these gifted plants. What more? These plants are very easy to look after and need little to no care making them perfect even for the busy bees. Plants also circulate air flow and improve the quality of the air by adding fresh oxygen to it. 

  • HumidifiersAnd Vaporisers Are Saviours

The hot and dry air characteristic of the northern summers is quite irritating to the nasal passage and throat. In addition to that a relative humidity which lies below 30% dries out dust mites and allergens which makes them lighter and even easier to stay suspended in the air for us to breathe in. Using a humidifier or vaporizer adds moisture to the air helping with a lot of issues related to respiration, skin and hair. You can also add essential oils that are healing, calming or disinfecting to your vaporizer.

The 5 Most Common Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

Don’t you love to come back to a home that’s comfortably cosy after a long day of work? Carpets, apart from copying up your room, also work as a barrier against super cold floors when the mercury drops and also work as a cushioning for accidental falls, which is especially vital for those with toddlers who are learning to walk. However, the downsides of carpets are their ability to get stained very easily and sopping up dirt and grime very efficiently. So, we are here today to discuss the 5 different types of stain that fret us and discuss easy carpet stain removal tipsto get rid of them.

  • Coffee stain

We all love our morning cuppa to give a rejuvenating start to our day, but what we hate and least expect is an accidental slip of the cup on our beloved carpet spilling the beverage everywhere. Since, we cannot control accidents so we need to come up with way to handle the aftermath. Remember that fresh coffee stains are much easier to handle than those that are old and dried out. So, get to work as soon as the spill occurs.

  • Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to soak up as much moisture as possible from the fresh stain.
  • Then spray on some cold water on the area and use more paper towels to blot it out. The water being the universal solvent will dissolve the coffee and the blotting will help to extract it out of the rug. However, make sure to do the process slowly by adding just a few sprays of water at a time and blotting it immediately or else all you will do is spread the stain even more.
  • Get hold of a quality carpet cleaner and spray it on the surface. In case you do not have a carpet cleaner handy then resort to using a home-made natural cleanser. All you have to do is add a few drops of gentle detergent, white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mix onto the surface and leave it on for some time to do its magic.
  • Finish by blotting with a clean cloth or paper towel and let the carpet dry out completely.
  • Pet stains

In the eyes of us owner our beloved pets can do no wrong until they cannot hold it anymore and decide to do the deed on your lush carpet and turn it into a carpet instead. Here is how to deal with such a frustrating situation.

  • Use a plastic broom and dust pant to collect the poop and flush it down the toilet.
  • Use the blotting paper technique and remove as much debris as you can without rubbing or smearing harshly which will only send the dirt deeper into the carpet.
  • Use a cleaner meant for removing carpet stains left by pets as they are formulated in such a way that they can break down protein easily helping you clean out the stain without much hassle.
  • Once you are done with the cleaner, you can use some gentle detergent, the kind you use to wash woollen clothes, mixed with water for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Spray and blot white vinegar to deodorize the carpet.
  • Red Wine stain

When it comes to the stubborn stains red wine takes home the trophy. However, it isn’t something you cannot get rid of at all. So, here is how to deal with it when there is a trippy spillage of your favourite cabernet.

  • Spray on cold water and use paper towel to mop up the liquid. You will need to do this quite a few times patiently until the white paper towel does not turn pink on pressing gently over the stain.
  • If you have a polypropylene carpet you can thankfully resort to bleach which will damage other types of carpet. All you have to do is mix bleach in 1:5 ratios with water; where there is 1 part of bleach to 5 parts of water.  And pour the mixture into a spray bottle again.
  • Spray it on precisely over the stain and let it sit there for some time. The bleach works its magic by releasing oxygen which breaks up the chemical bonds of chromophores which basically make us see a colour. This results in lightening and vanishing of even tough stains like that left behind by red wine.
  • Wax stain

Don’t we all love the aroma of scented candle flirting with our senses? But, one little push off the centre table and there is molten wax spilled all over your carpet. Do not go looking for you carpet cleaner and water bucket yet as it is much easier to clean if you know the right technique.

  • Take a paper towel large enough to cover the spots of wax and lay it on top of the stain.
  • Take your iron and turn it on in the warm setting and gently run over the paper towel to melt the wax and the paper towel on top will soak it up instantly and one will ever know there might have been a mishap on that very carpet.
  • Ink stain

Ink stains have been the reason behind a lot of our expensive shirts being turned into rags. If you think ink stains are impossible to get rid of, then let this relatively effortless yet effective technique blow your mind.

  • Use a microfiber cloth and soak it in isopropyl alcohol and dap it on the spot. The alcohol will dissolve the ink and the blotting technique will help you soakit up. Alternatively, you can use a dropper to directly put drops of the potent liquid over the stain and use paper towel or cloth to blot it out. Be extremely careful not to rub the stain as it will spread and cause the cleaning process very laborious.
  • You may have to repeat the process several times until there is no more ink left on the carpet for the rubbing alcohol to dissolve.
  • Give it a final rinse with water and let it dry.
Why Deep Cleaning Your Sofa And Mattress Is Important?

Why Deep Cleaning Your Sofa And Mattress Is Important?

Who doesn’t love to relax on their comforting sofa after a long day of battling at work or catch your favorite flick with a bowl of popcorn and your entire squad on a weekend? The answer is we all do, but that does take a serious toll on our sofa. As a result, our sofas become the breeding ground of germs, has enough crumbs hidden within to feed a nation and become an eye sore right in your living room. But does that mean you have to get yourself a back ache on a Sunday trying to clean your sofa? Not at all! With a professional sofa cleaning service like KleanHomz just a call away, you can rest all your worries along with your back while they do their magic on your sofa. If you are still on the fence about it, then here is the importance of deep cleaning sofa and the perks of it all.

  • Crumb Crucifixion

Every time you enjoy a bowl of crunchy chips or yummy popcorn on the couch, you leave behind little crumbs on the couch. And, if you happen to have kids or friends for that matter then the scenario worsens with accidental spillage and drops every now and then which find their way into such nooks and crannies of the sofa which is practically impossible for you or your simple broom to reach. This not only leaves behind gnarly spots, which can be quite a cause of embarrassment in front of guest but also encourages the growth of germs and bugs that love those chips and cookies as much as you do if not more. Besides that there are the pollens and dust in air which settle down deep in your sofa comfortably and is a major cause of allergies and respiratory diseases. In case you have a pet in your home, then there is the dander that makes its way to your beloved chill spot too.

A mere dusting is simply not enough to clean your couch to perfect health. This is when you need the power of industrial strength vacuums to pull out every bit of the dirt and grime trapped within your couch.

  • Say Goodbye To The Bugs And Bites

Most couches and mattresses are made out of a good amount of materials like sponge or cotton which, other than giving you the bouncy softness to lounge on all day, also happens to be a master absorber. This is what makes it a premier breeding ground for mites as well as a plethora of germs which might not be seen through the naked eyes but make their presence felt through itchy bumps on your skin and a variety of other ailments. To bring you a clearer perspective, a new study has found that a sofa holds more germs than a toilet seat in an average household.

Now, when you attempt to clean your mucky sofa or mattress with the basic resources you have available to you like a detergent solution and a scrubber or even say a microfiber cloth to be extra gentle, you not only risk leaving behind water which we all know microbes, mould and mildew love but also have a good chance of damaging the expensive upholstery fabric and the wooden frame of the furniture. When you trust professionals to do the job for you, they first use a fabric friendly gentle solution to lift up the grime and germ from the surface first. Then, a powerful dry cleaning machine is employed to extract the gunk from the deepest layers of your sofa giving it the deep cleaning it deserves without leaving behind any dampness or damage.

  • A Healthy Makeover

Most of us take better care of our furniture when they arrive newly to our home, but as time pass by, we neither have the time in our busy schedule nor the intent to take care of the couches and that shows clearly in the guise of spots, dirt and a signature musty smell of ignorance. Even if you take good care of your couch by gentle dusting every now and then, it only lifts the surface dust along with a plethora of allergens and keeps it suspended in the air of your home that you and your children breathe. A quick spray of room freshener can only mask the smell for a little while and when the effect wears off it goes back to square one.

While you can always choose to buy a new sofa which will for sure burn a huge hole in your pocket. And, it will end up in the same place as your older sofa did in just a few months, and it is obviously neither feasible nor a healthy, environmental-friendly attitude to keep replacing your old furniture with new in the fear of cleaning it. Hence, you budget-friendly way to bring back new life to your old ad dirty sofa is getting a professional sofa cleaning every few months to maintain the looks of the furniture piece as well as to maintain a healthy living space for you and your family. The deep cleaning service will leave your sofa smelling fresh and at its cleanest best so it shows its actual vibrancy and adds to the beauty of your home instead of bringing it down a few notches.

  • Introduce Healthy Air In Your Home

Since you sofa is super absorbent as we discussed earlier, it attracts as well as retains a surprising amount of allergens, dander and dust, which get introduced into the air you breathe when you clean or even sit on it. These tiny particles are villainous to your health and cause a multitude of health issues. Hence, when you are deep cleaning mattresses or sofa, you are not only cleaning that particular article of furniture but also making an attempt to keep the air within your home clean. Apart from that, introducing toxin absorbing greens indoors as well as air purifiers will keep the air fresh amidst the urban jungle as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Give KleanHomz, a professional sofa cleaning company a quick call and reap the benefits instantly.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Room Clean

Easy Tips to Keep Your Room Clean

Don’t you love to return to a pristine home after a long day of work? Our home becomes a bubble of serenity and clean air to refresh ourselves for those of us living in the clutter of urban jungles. However, if you are a busy bee, then chances are you are struggling to keep your rooms clean and tidy which is why we are here to give you some effective tips to keep your room clean and inviting at the same time.

  • Keep things minimal

Keeping a minimal approach when it comes to your home décor not only lends a very modern look to your home but also controls clutter to a surprising extent. When you have less stuff in your space, it automatically means lesser objects that will gather dust and resultantly much less time and effort spent on cleaning. Minimal décor will also save you a lot of space and money which gives you the opportunity to invest in quality pieces that are a statement on their own.

  • Organizing is key

Try to make space for things so they do not lie around in the open and give a cluttered look to your home. You can invest in organizer baskets, bags and trays to put everything from clothes to accessories and beauty products in an organized arrangement. Make efficient use of free space and try to arrange everything methodically to tuck things away into these spaces. This not only helps with storage but also helps to you to put things back in their place effortlessly immediately after using them which again cut on the chances of clutter.

  • Carpet cleaning

Carpets or rugs add a touch of inviting warmth and cosiness to your home. If you have kids, then it works as a great cushioning against accidental falls,and in case, the weather turns chilly, the carpet underneath your feet will definitely protect them from the bitter cold bite of the floor. Despite all these perks of a carpet, there is one major problem that comes with it and that is cleaning it on a regular basis. Carpets being on the floor go through a lot starting from dirty shoes to accidental spillage of food and drinks. Yet it is an absolute sin to use water on expensive carpets which will completely ruin the lush material over time and the carpet which was supposed to last you a lifetime will only serve you for a few years. This is why we suggest taking professional help to have your carpet dry cleaned to perfection every now and then to keep it clean and looking like new even after years and years of use.

  • Keep the air healthy

If you happen to be living in a city, then chances are you are breathing polluted air every time you step outside your home but that does not have to be the case when you step into your safe haven. It is a wise idea to invest in a quality air purifier that will filter out allergens, moulds, pet dander, tobacco particles, asbestos, fumes and pollutants to name just a few. These toxic elements have the potential to cause a variety of ailments, especially, the ones that attack the respiratory system. This, apart from reducing your medical bill, will also reduce the dust in your home so you can go on longer without the need of a dusting session.

If you are not ready to invest in an air purifier, then go the natural route and buy some quality air purifying indoor plants like areca palm, rubber plant, philodendron, Bostonfern and Peace Lily are proven to absorb toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and many more while adding precious fresh oxygen for your lungs to relish. Plants also add to the beauty of your home so get as many as you can even if you have an air purifier.

  • Deep clean sofa and Mattress

If you want to keep your room clean, then it is important not to pollute it. Couches and mattresses are made out of super absorbent material, which is a master at absorbing allergens, dust, mites, and germs. The scenario gets worse when crumbs of food travel into the nooks and crannies while you Netflix and chill with a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda. If you try to clean your sofa or mattress with a basic water cleaning solution and a scrubber, you not only risk ruining the expensive upholstery fabric but also risk leaving behind dampness, which will encourage the growth of mould and germ and also cause damage to the wooden structure of the furniture. It is best to leave the job in the hands of professional like KleanHomz that use professional dry cleaning tools to clean and disinfect your sofa, so you will be left with one which looks like new with no gnarly spots and obnoxious odour.

  • Do laundry on a regular basis

Don’t let your dirty linens sit for long which not only looks cluttered but also spreads odour and germs. So, try to do your laundry in small batches, but on a regular basis. Keep a basket separate in or bathroom or where you change so you can throw you dirty clothes immediately. This also makes it easier to fold and store your clothes in smaller batches.

  • Dust and vacuum regularly

Use a good vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt from the floor and every little corner of your home after you have had a thorough dusting session. You can use a duster or microfiber cloth to wipe away dust from the surface gently without causing scratches.

  • Assign different tasks on different days

If you are a busy bee, then it is a wise idea to take up one separate cleaning task every day of the week so you do not end up with a load on the weekends. So maybe do you laundry on Mondays and Wednesdays, vacuuming and dusting on Tuesday, change you bed linen on Friday and so on and so forth. This is one of the smartest ways to keep your room clean at all times.

How to Keep the House Clean During Summer Vacation

How To Keep The House Clean During Summer Vacation

Do you want to make sure your house appears squeaky clean during your kids’ summer vacations? If yes, then, we can help you out here. We have a few amazing tips below on how to go about that. So, what is making you wait? Have a look-

  • The first and most important thing that needs to be done for perfect summer vacation house cleaning is to keep a schedule. The reason why keeping a cleaning schedule ready at hand is important is because there is no other way to ensure success in this pursuit. You don’t have to keep vague goals. Make sure the goals are realistic and practical. Also, it would be easier for you if you break your day’s work down into tiny chores. By having a to-do list to tackle on a daily basis, you will know what not to do. Make sure you prepare this to-do list, keeping all your family members in mind. But no to- do list will be able to help you, if you are not dedicated to abiding by it on a regular basis. Don’t just prepare the list, also stick to it. This will help you reduce the clutter in your house considerably. And you will also not notice any dirt piling up.

Here, an important thing that you might like to keep in mind is that a summer to-do list can vary widely from a winter to-do list. Additional issues like fungi and mould that crop up only during the summer season can make your daily cleaning efforts more laborious. Since kids stay at home during the summer vacation, they make the house look more messy than usual. And that is why a summer cleaning routine could vary considerably from a winter cleaning routine. Nevertheless, you need to take this point into consideration while preparing your list of chores. Even this is great way to keep your house clean not just during the summer vacation but throughout the year? Well yes why not.

  • No matter how much work needs to be tackled at home, you can always make it easier by following a few tips and tricks. This is never a good idea to spend your entire summer vacation cleaning your house when you can spend it enjoying with your family at the beach or pool or anywhere else for that matter.

So, what can you do to make things easier for yourself? You can make small little changes in your cleaning routine and pattern. For instance, when you clean your bathroom countertops daily, they don’t get excessively dirty. As a result of which you don’t need to set a separate day to deep clean your counters. To wipe them off on a daily basis, you can keep some cleaning wipes handy. Also, you can make use of a leave on cleaner to ensure your efforts get minimised. If you don’t want to spend an entire hour cleaning the toilet bowl, you can you some cleaning agent that can be put in the flush. This makes sure, every time you use the flush, the toilet gets cleaned. Such handy products can be useful when you want to make things easier for yourself during vacations.

  • Another amazing thing that you can do is involving your kids in the cleaning process. If you love your kids and like to pamper them at all times, then you will probably discard this idea outright. But think again, they don’t lose anything by helping you out in cleaning the home. In fact, they will get a little bit of exercise, which is extremely good for their health. And by helping you clean the home, they will learn the value of cleanliness. They will also understand how much effort goes into cleaning something. And when they understand this, they avoid making the house dirty.

Also, kids remain busy at all times owing to home works and extra-curricular activities. They don’t really get time to look after their home. Summer vacations are the time when you can actually help them feel responsible by involving them in home cleaning. No, you won’t have to let them do big tasks. They can do whatever little they are capable of. There are hundreds of small tasks around the home that need to be tackled. If kids are taught how to go about doing them, they will definitely do them responsibly and yes, effectively and efficiently.

While assigning jobs to kids, keep their age in mind. Assign them tasks based on their age level. You will be surprised to know that kids can do so much; a lot more than you would expect them to. Trust us, a 3-year-old can skilfully sort socks or put their playthings back into the basket where they came from. If your kids love their pet, you can probably ask them to take care of it. They will willingly do so, without you having to supervise them.

  • Summer vacations are all about taking fun trips and vacationing. And with these fun events, come exhaustion. If you want to keep your house clean throughout your kids’ summer vacations, you will have to make sure you do not cause your exhaustion to stop you from doing what needs to be done.

For instance, it is very natural for you to leave your luggage untouched for days after you get back home from your holiday trip. Although you think you will settle this job the next day, this next day never comes. And that is why no matter how exhausted you are, unpack your luggage and put things back in their respective places. If your clothes need washing, keep them for laundry. Put the shoes in the shoe rack. And put the camera back in its place. By taking care of these little things right after you are back from your vacation, you will prevent work from piling up.

  • When you are absolutely clueless why your house is looking messy, just sweep the floor. When you do so, you very naturally pick things up from the floor and put them back in their place. And it is also likely that you will keep handling the disarray in the rooms as you move from one to another sweeping.

Now, that you know how to go about doing house cleaning during summer vacation, there is no reason why your lovely abode should look like a devil’s pad. It only takes a little bit of effort and you see big results. All that you need is to be consistent. If it seems tedious, don’t worry. Hire us – we are just a call away!

What is Included in A Move Out Cleaning

What Is Included In A Move Out Cleaning?

Do you want to leave only cleanliness behind when you move out of your house permanently? If yes, then here are some move out cleaning tips that will help you mentally. But before we delve into these tips, let’s find out, what is a move out cleaning? A move out cleaning is nothing but a kind of cleaning that you do before leaving a house, so that it looks and feels clean and fresh when someone else takes charge of it. Now, the question that arises here is- how to go about doing this? For this, read on the following-

  • If you are a busy person and you don’t get much time to deep-clean your house, then it must have become a safe haven for spiders. Cobwebs unfortunately are not a pleasant thing to see. And that is why you should clean them up whenever you spot them. But in case you have been putting this job off for some reason, make sure you do it before you move out. Also, see to it that the cobwebs are removed.
  • During the summer season, ceiling fans remain busy. With the onset of winter, they almost become useless. And it is this time when ceiling fans attract a lot of dust and dirt. No matter what colour your ceiling fan is, it is going to show the dust that has accumulated on it. And that is why it is extremely important that you clean your fans every now and then. If you hate this job, you should at least try to do it before you move out.
  • If you are a cleanliness freak, then there are chances that your windows remain squeaky clean throughout the year. But in most cases, windows remain neglected. And this negligence causes them to accumulate a lot of dirt. Sadly, window cleaning is not an easy job. It might not require expertise, but definitely requires a lot of hard work. And that is probably the reason why a lot of people leave out windows when they deep clean their home. But if you are moving out, you will have to do a cleaning of your windows without fail. Your windows need to look great even after you leave. And when we say windows, we don’t just mean the wooden frame or the glass pane; we also include window shades or blinds. They must be dust off properly.
  • Don’t forget to include your door in your cleaning regime. Wipe your door with a wet cloth. And make sure the door glass is not just clean from the inside but also outside. Remember, your door is the entryway to the house. And even a speck of dirt on it could create a bad first impression on anyone entering the house.
  • You probably think walls do not have much to be cleaned – if the kids have created beautiful pictures on the walls, they will need cleaning; but, in other cases, they can be left. But that is far from reality. Walls are not mere concrete surfaces, but they also include light switches, baseboards, vent surfaces and light fixtures. When these items are not clean, you cannot call your walls clean. Make sure, you get all of these cleaned before you move out.
  • Now, comes the floor. Although this is very obvious that you will dust the floor and mop it before you leave the house. But in case, you have forgotten this part, this is to remind you that you cannot move out of a house without cleaning its floor. If there is a wall to wall carpet on the floor, clean it with a vacuum cleaner. In case the floor is a tiled one, dust it and then mop it with soap solution for the right kind of cleaning. Look for spots and stains, and make sure you get them removed before moving out.
  • Have you forgotten to remove the trash? Well, while you do all the cleaning of the house, it could become so overwhelming that you forget to remove the trash. But this is something you should not forget under any circumstance. If you think you will forget it, just shift your garbage bin right to the centre of the house. Here, it will be easily visible, and won’t get left out.
  • Now, it’s the bathroom’s turn. Include countertops, glasses, shower heads, walls etc. And it’s not just routine cleaning that you need to do, but you will also have to disinfect the mentioned items.
  • If there are accessible vanity lights in the bathrooms, clean them too.
  • No matter how much you hate to clean it, he toilet bowl needs to be cleaned properly. And don’t forget to disinfect it even if it looks squeaky clean.
  • Bathroom mirrors get stained over time. Water stains can sometimes be extremely stubborn. And that is why they need to be cleaned with a lot of care.
  • If you have got cabinets in your bathroom, don’t forget to clean them. And when we say cabinets, we also mean their doors and handles.
  • Don’t forget to clean the kitchen before you leave. The faucets and sinks must be cleaned and disinfected properly.
  • If there is a built-in microwave, don’t forget to clean it inside and out. Also, wipe the area under it. Even the stove top should be cleaned well.
  • The control knobs of your kitchen gadgets should be removed and cleaned whenever possible.
  • Kitchen cabinets could have pests. Embark on a pest killing mission before you leave the house. Once you have cleaned the cabinets, do clean their doors and knobs.
  • The countertops are not that difficult to clean. So, keep them for the later part of the cleaning regime.
  • Have you already neglected the laundry room? Well, wait. Your laundry room needs to be cleaned just as the other rooms in the house. Make sure you clean the outside of your washing machine and dryer with mild hands.

Taking care of all of these cleaning activities could look like a lot of work. And, in fact, they do mean a lot of work. Yes, following the above move out cleaning tips could help, but the best bet would be to hire professionals for this purpose. No doubt, there are many companies dealing in move out cleaning, but don’t look further than Klean Homz. We are certainly one of the best. Hire us and make this seemingly difficult job easy for yourself.

Cleaning To Reduce The Risk of H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu)

Cleaning To Reduce The Risk of H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu)

H1N1 is regarded to be highly contagious as it spreads very quickly from one person to the other in various ways. This takes place if the sick person coughs or sneezes and the infected droplets enter the other person through the eyes, mouth or nose. The droplets might also land on any contact surface like the doorknob. If touched by any person and if he/she places the same on the face, then the person is likely to get contaminated. Since H1N1 is considered to be new variant virus, there are many who are not aware of the issues that come with its contamination. Those not having immunity are likely to fall sick and even may die.

How to reduce the risk of swine flu: Some guidelines to follow

Following the guidelines is sure to help address the issues from spreading or taking place.

  • Carry out routine cleaning procedures for minimizing high-risk community or transmission risk during peak flu season.
  • Measures to prevent infection risk for the cleaning personnel.

Additional cleaning procures to follow during the swine flu outbreak:

  • Measures to reduce infection risk for cleaning personnel: Those adults infected with swine flu virus are likely to infect the others one day prior to showing the symptoms to about one week after getting sick. On the other hand, children might get contagious for a couple or more weeks. H1N1 symptoms are quite similar to that of any other type of flu-related sickness. Hence, the cleaning personnel is to take the necessary steps, so as to mitigate infection risk if there is noticed H1N1 virus outbreak including other influenza strains during regular flu season.
  • It is important to wash hands frequently using clean water and good soap. Appropriate hand washing technique needs to be used. One can also use a branded hand sanitizer that comprises of 62% alcohol.
    • The hand needs to be treated as potentially contaminated. Eyes and nose should not be touched with dirty hands, as it leads to infection.
    • Cough or sneeze into disposable tissue. Discard the same instantly, but within a wastebasket.
    • If affected with flu, then avoid going to work or school or any public place for the next 7 days or until the fever has subsided completely.
  • Routine, effective cleaning procedures are likely to minimize high-risk community or transmission risk during flu season. Effective cleaning procedures emphasize upon physical elimination of unwanted pollutants and contaminants by using appropriate cleaning application method and agents. Undertaking this task on a frequent basis can help reduce infectious agent transmission risk considerably. As flu viruses, which also include H1N1 virus have the ability to survive for about 8 to 12 hours on cloth or paper and 24 to 48 hours on all non-porous surfaces such as desks or doorknobs and about 72 hours upon wet surfaces. Moreover, if the school or office is not cleaned properly, then it can remain contagious overnight. Different types of disinfecting or cleaning agents can be employed with the cleaning procedure and make it effective. Mere application of disinfectant cannot be a good substitute for cleaning purpose. In such a case, the following needs to be taken into consideration:
  • If government approved cleaning or disinfectant products with proven virucidal claims are being used against flu viruses, then do follow manufacturer instruction given on ‘spectrum of action’ including the method of use like contact time, dilution, etc. If a product is being used that is labelled as only to be used as a disinfectant, then according to law, it is necessary first to clean the surfaces.
    • Although bleach can be used on its own, it does not however clean. It is also hazardous to the respiratory system, mucus membranes and skin as well as corrosive to metals. An effective solution needs to be taken for household bleach like 10 parts of water for 1 part of bleach. Some cleaning products or bleach might not need dilution, as it could be used ‘neat’. But checking the product’s label with regards to its usage instructions and precautions to be taken is vital.
    • Replace or launder potentially contaminated cleaning sponges and cloths between cleaning periods.
    • Appropriate protective equipment like splash protection (face mask for avoiding droplets that may contain flu virus from getting into the nose, eyes or mouth when cleaning) is to be worn.
    • Light switches, doorknobs, handrails, remote controls, elevator buttons.
    • Clean surfaces touched by face or hands diligently.
    • Microphones, telephones, computer mice and keyboards.
    • Supply restrooms with paper towels and dishwashing detergent. Frequent cleaning and renewal of sponges should be done.
    • Vending machines, coffeemaker, chairs, cafeteria chairs and tables.
    • Diligently renew all bathroom supplies like disposable paper towels, soap, posters demonstrating the correct way to wash hands and use waterless hand sanitizer and repair immediately non-functioning air dryers.
  • Some additional cleaning procedures to be undertaken during the swine flu outbreak or to tackle confirmed cases in the building. The H1N1 flu virus can be considered to be a silent killer and according to the medical experts; it is possible to destroy this virus using government approved disinfectants or disinfectant/cleaning products having proven virucidal claims against such diseases, combined with bleach-based products and following effective cleaning protocols. The following cleaning procedures are additionally advisable, like:
  • Disinfectant ‘bombs’ which set off dry disinfectant that is meant to cover up all surfaces within the enclosed room and recommended for crowded facilities like schools, public places, offices and the like.
    • Touch points present in common areas and high traffic rooms like door handles of the main entrance. It needs to be disinfected daily at least three times a day.
    • Supply disinfectant hand sanitizer and wipes to individual classrooms and offices.
    • Eliminate all reusable cups, plates, towels, sponges and utensils from cafeterias and break rooms and replace the same with disposable goods.

Having proper planning about the cleaning procedure to be used in case of H1N1 flu pandemic along with a good contingency plan can help to ensure that everyone is safe and swine flu is prevented. Following the above procedures is sure to help in reducing risk of h1n1 by cleaning.

Will deep cleaning increase productivity at workplaces

Will Deep Cleaning Increase Productivity At Workplaces?

Want to increase productivity in your office? Did you know that deep cleanliness is one of the biggest factors to motivate your employees? Let’s check out how!

Well, it is quite obvious that offices can get quite filthy. Any place where large numbers of people are hosted for long periods of time are supposed to be filled with germs, and therefore, a workplace is no different. When we think of places that need proper deep cleaning, public restrooms are the first ones on our mind, but you should know that other parts of the offices can be equally guilty. You will never know the number of people who have used the keyboards, phones, printers or even the number of people who just touched the doorknobs. It is the same case with the chairs, tables and the desks. This is why your office requires deep cleaning from time to time.

Everyone knows about spring cleaning, we might not always go through with it, but we all know about it. Our houses might need deep cleaning just once or twice a year, but offices have more people, so then need deep cleaning more frequently. The germs in an office can spread quite quickly among all the individuals working there. All the little places including phones, sink handles, and doorknobs are harbouring dirt and grime. If you deep clean your office on a regular basis, then you will be keeping your office healthy safe and productive. Moreover, you won’t have to clean excessively. Deep cleans help get rid of all those germs which can spread rapidly in a work environment. A good cleaning company is going to be your best ally in the whole cleaning process by offering you a wide range of services.

When to do deep clean?

Deep cleans don’t need to be performed every other day or even once a week. You might be confused on when your office actually requires a deep clean. So, here are a few things to look out for, which might be a sign for a deep cleaning requirement.

  • Budget- When you are in need of budget cuts, the first thing that comes to your mind are the cleaning supplies. For these kinds of situations, deep cleaning is the best. Regular deep cleans will work like magic. The shorter and less-intense cleaning routines can be cut down on and regular deep cleans can be performed. This way, your office will stay clean and your budget will also stay in check.
  • Grime build-up- If it has been a while since your office was last cleaned, then a proper deep clean can be of much help. Your workplace can have a build-up of dirt and grime and also become a breeding ground for germs if you don’t clean it often. This can become a huge problem quite fast. But you can keep these in check with a proper deep clean.
  • Hygiene- You will have noticed that diseases can spread quite quickly in offices. A deep clean will stop the germs of the diseases on its tracks or remove their remnants after it has run its course. This way, you will be maximizing hygiene and providing a much productive and safer work environment.
  • Appearance- If you are bored of the look of your office, then you should consider getting a deep cleaning done before you think of investing in new furniture, paint or potted plants. You can’t imagine how different your office can look after it has been thoroughly cleaned. Your office will get a fresh new look without you having to put much strain on your budget for refurbishment.

Deep cleaning and productivity

Wondering how a clean office can boost productivity among your employees is quite common. Most businesses only focus on tangible things like expenses and sales. Majority of the businesses nowadays overlook all the intangible aspect such as productivity, employee health and morale, etc. Your employees will automatically become more productive if they are healthy and happy. A properly clean work environment helps achieve that and you will have long term benefits from it. Here are a few ways in which deep cleaning your office will benefit you.

  • The first and foremost thing is that a clean office safeguards the health of your employees. If your employees are healthy, then they will take less sick leaves and will also be able to put in their maximum effort. A messy office is a breeding ground for various disease causing micro-organisms. Your office might not look that bad on the outside, but these dangerous germs might be multiplying. Thus a proper deep cleaning is necessary to maintain the healthy state of your office.
  • It has also been found that people are able to focus better in neat and tidy places. A visible mess can be quite distracting and de-cluttering will help your employees gain better clarity and focus. Too much clutter impacts a person’s attention and efficiency in a negative way. So, after a deep clean, you can be assured that your employees will have much less distractions and become more productive.
  • You have to believe that a company’s culture and retention is affected by the look and feel of their offices. A neat, tidy and beautiful workspace environment will naturally help you gain and retain more and more clients as well as employees. Most of the big and successful businesses have maintained wonderful workspace environments. Thus, proper and regular deep cleans will help you maintain a good environment for your employees to work in, so employee retention will be high which will obviously boost productivity.
  • If you maintain your office in a good manner, then you will eventually be lowering your overall costs. Various objects in the office need to be repaired or replaced because they are not cleaned or maintained regularly. Carpets take most of the brunt in an office and not cleaning them will result in damage. Replacing the carpet of your whole office will be much more expensive that paying for regular deep cleans.

Overall, deep cleans will save you money, provide a clean and healthy work environment for you and help your business by increasing the productivity of your employees. So, hiring a professional company like KleanHomz to perform a deep clean in your office will be quite beneficial for you and your business.

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