Removing Old and Fresh Carpet Stains from Pet Urine- Some Useful Tips

Handling pets is not a matter of lark, more so, because they don’t know the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. And that is probably the reason why they often turn their owner’s carpet into their peeing area. If you too own a pet that has this problem, then the need of the hour is to either toilet-train it or find out ways to clean your carpet effectively.

Here is How to Clean Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are amazing to look at. And guess what, they can be extremely cozy. But when it comes to cleaning, they can simply make things difficult for you. But sofas are sofas, and they are destined to get dirty. Starting from drink spills and food stains, a lot of things can make your sofa get dirty. The only way to protect it from stains and dirt is to cover it with a plastic case, which, of course, is going to mar the aesthetic value of your sofa. Now, what must have popped up in your mind is this question- “Is it is possible to clean a fabric sofa?” Well, the answer is ‘yes.’ Here is an amazing tip on how to clean it without a lot of hassle-

Is Home Cleaning Service The Real Solution?

We have heard many people ask these questions in our group. Why hire a Cleaning service? What is it that they do which can’t be done by maids? Aren’t they too costly? Can we really afford them?

We will answer all your questions one by one because we definitely believe that Home Cleaning Services are the best solutions. They not only help you by cleaning all significant unreachable places but are also flexible, accommodating, cooperating and quite reasonable. You can trust them with your home and depend on them to perform their tasks quickly (but neatly) when urgent services are required.

With Diwali just a month away, we strongly suggest you hire suitable cleaning services available in your city because the festival of lights has always been synonyms with cleaner uncluttered homes.

Basic Cleaning To Work On

We understand that you already have a lot on your plate. From cleaning kitchen appliances to dusting off the cobwebs and vacuuming behind the couches, these are just some simple tasks that can be taken care of by Professional cleaning services. All you need to do is prepare a checklist of the places you need cleaned and everything is taken care.

A simple checklist of basic cleaning should include

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect Bathroom tiling, showers, and WC.
  • Wooden floor mopping
  • Cleaning the vents
  • Vacuuming under beds and behind couch
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Dusting furniture, fans, and ceilings.
  • Cleaning railing and grills in the balcony.

 In the kitchen:

  • Cleaning compartments.
  • Clean appliances.
  • Disinfect sinks.
  • Cleaning hard water stains.

Home cleaning services are preferred over maids because they use special equipment, cleaning solutions and materials to clean your home which not only makes your house look immaculate and spotless but also provides hygienic, disinfected home for a healthy stay. Moreover, the employees working under cleaning companies are hired after a thorough background check and can be left responsible for your home even in your absence.

Forget stress this holiday and Hire a cleaning service to get your work done. Call us now on 8800091734 to know special Diwali offers which are suitable for your home.

Come, fall in love with cleaning again!


The Cleaning Guide

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals we celebrate in India. Everyone around is excited because for each one of us Diwali signifies a different meaning. Although universally famous as the “festival of lights”, for students, it implies vacation, for grandparents, it denotes a time of meeting and greeting relatives and for mothers, it symbolizes the time to put on their gears and get ready for Diwali Cleaning.

Every nook and corner of the house are wiped clean, polished and dusted. All fans, tube lights, and almirahs are cleaned. Places that have never been even thought of – behind the curtains, under beds, behind movable furniture- are all taken care of. Mothers harass their children to reach a place where only their height can reach, to move around and do some useful work or warn them to wake up at early hours in the morning so as to not get dust on their face.

So starting today, we will discuss 5 cleaning tips on our blog every week until Diwali so as to help my fellow Ladies (and gentleman, if you are reading this, let me compliment you for being the rare breed) find solutions to the problems that are quick to execute and can be accomplished with the materials available at home.

  1. FUNGUS: A lot of places get fungus because of moisture in the air. Even after cleaning from water, this fungus can reappear repeatedly. To get rid of Fungus, take Vinegar in a bottle that can spray. Spray it everywhere you can even find traces of fungus. Clean the place after an hour. Please note that you don’t have to mix vinegar with water.
  2. PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Vegetable cutting boards are one of the dirtiest kitchen instruments in our home. Often we find marks on cutting boards and plastic containers that refuse to leave. Apply lemon juice on these marks with some pressure and let them stay for 20 minutes. The marks will magically disappear after the wash.
  3. KITCHEN SINK: Often there is a stink coming from our kitchen’s sink. The situation becomes quite embarrassing if we have guests over and they insist on helping in the kitchen. To eliminate the stench, take some baking soda and add 2-4 drops of lemon juice to it. Pour this mixture in the sink and the smell will evaporate.
  4. CLEAN SURFACES: Hygienic surfaces in kitchen and refrigerators are a must. Combine 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1-quart warm water, and use it with a sponge to wipe messes away.
  5. PET STINKS: Fight those pet stains by using baking soda. Sprinkle it for 15minutes and vacuum it later for fresher fragrance.

Use the above-mentioned tricks and start cleaning your house a little every day.  We will share more tips every week.

Come, fall in love with cleaning again!

After Party Cleaning Services

Are you one of those who dreads the feeling of cleaning after parties? Do you often shy away from throwing parties at home because of the cleaning? Are you looking for someone who will make your life easier and your homes cleaner?

Then Klean Homz is the perfect solution for you!


With Diwali round the corner and festivals cropping up every month, our country has many occasions for organizing get-togethers and parties. Along with parties, comes the bigger trouble of cleaning your home Before and After the party. If you feel that cleaning is spoiling your holiday then allow us to handle everything for you.

We clean up your homes and make it sparkly shine before your guests arrive for the party so that you can concentrate on more important details of the party. We do all the work and you take home all the appreciation for the sweet fragrance in your bathrooms to clean kitchen tops.

Additionally, after the party is over, we are just a call away. You sit and relax while we come and clean your place or terrace taking care of supplementary places like washrooms and kitchen. While you cherish the memories of the awesome party you held, we do the cleaning and get your place ready for a wonderful next day.

Moreover, our packages are customized to suit your needs. We will set the price only after we have full details of what you need to be cleaned. You can always ask for our packages and discounts (if any). Remember, your satisfaction is our top priority and we will work hard to achieve that.

Please check or contact 8800091734 to get your home cleaned after that rocking party!


Homecleaning Quiz

House cleaning services are a boon in disguise when you are really tired after a long day at the office, or from managing your kids or simply when picking groceries and doing household chores. Every person needs a break from their regular routine, to just sit back and relax for a whole day. To not clean those toilets, floors or take out the garbage. If you agree with me and feel you need a break from everyday chores once in a while, Home cleaning services are your best friends. They take care of everything for you and pay special attention to your needs.

Moreover, they have customized packages so if you feel only your kitchen needs to be cleaned and not the whole apartment; you can opt for the same and have a sparkly, shiny kitchen at the end of the service.

If you still don’t believe me, let’s take a simple quiz which will decide for you if you need to hire someone or you should keep cleaning yourself. Be truthful people! We are here for your best interests. Let’s begin.

  1. Do you have no energy and time left for your family after performing all household chores?

Ask yourself, if a little extra money spent is worth spending the quality time with your family? You know the answer is yes then why not hire help and feel fresh at the end of the day instead of being tired and exhausted.


  1. Do you have the extra time to spare for big project cleaning?

With Diwali season just around the corner, there are some extra corners and almirahs you would be cleaning. Why not hire a cleaning service and ask them to take care of the regular cleaning.


  1. Do you just need the extra household clutter cleaned?

If the answer is yes then you frankly you don’t need the cleaning service. Rather you need to organize yourself and clean the mess instead of procrastinating.


  1. Are you comfortable with strangers in your home?

If yes, then there is absolutely no problem. If no then let me tell you that when we hire someone we perform a thorough background check of that individual and hire someone only with the best credentials. It is our responsibility to worry about your safety.


  1. Are you an expert at cleaning with all the tips and tool handy?

If you don’t worry about the life of your carpet as much as you do of your cosmetics then we get it! Not everybody can be a cleanliness freak like Monica (from Friends, come on people!). Let us take care of the house and spread our magic.


  1. Can you afford to hire specialists?

Yes, you surely can. Do you know why we know that? Because our packages are custom made to be extra reasonable for each and every individual. You can just opt for cleaning a section of your home if you feel the price is too high or you don’t want to spend so much.

If you feel you should hire a cleaning service once or if you have certain doubts you can (and you should!) give us a call on 8800091734 or email us We are always eager to hear from customers and solve your queries. You can check our website where we have mentioned in detail about our services.

We think you deserve to spend a little “Me time” and engage in luxury once in a while even if it comes in reasonable packages. Pamper yourself and allow us to handle everything for you to return home to a healthy, clean home without being exhausted.


Forgotten Items to Clean in Your Home

As promised in our last blog, this time, we will be discussing “Things” that should be cleaned regularly to protect ourselves from germs. There are certain objects that carry even more germs than your Toilet Seat! Yes, it’s shockingly true. So this time, we thought why not discuss these things that are used in everyday life but we don’t usually think about cleaning them.

  • Your desk: Yes, you use it every day but how often do you clean it? Your desk is said to be at least 100 times dirtier than a toilet seat because we often skip it while cleaning the surroundings. Be sure to use a disinfectant wipe once a week from now on.
  • Cutting Board: Even after washing it with water or soap, a cutting board carries 200 times more fecal matter than a toilet seat. Always, and we mean ALWAYS, soak it in bleach after you use to cut meat or poultry.




  • Carpet: Definitely the dirtiest item on Earth! What does not happen on it? Your children play on it, they sit on the carpet to eat and if you have a pet then the probability of germs found on the carpet will only multiply. On average, carpets carry an astonishing 4,000 times more germs than the toilet seat! Weekly vacuuming or dry cleaning is a must!
  • Keyboard: It’s unquestionably true for me! If you turn over my keyboard upside down or take it for a closer inspection, you will find every embarrassing thing possible- food crumbs, oily fingerprints from eating food and typing simultaneously and a lot of dust. A disinfectant wipe or cleaning it with a brush can work wonders for you. Try it right now.


  • Vacuum cleaner: Cleaning your cleaning items themselves is also a tough job but a necessary one. Many guides are available on how one should clean vacuum cleaners by taking every part apart. A quick Google can save your cleaner from creating a further mess.
  • Electronic appliances: Cell phones, Toaster, Oven, Iron, Dishwasher, Washing machine, Refrigerator. You name it and it is on the list. All of these appliances serve as the hub of dirt collection. Use disinfectants, alcohol wipes and rubber gloves once a month to wipe them clean.
  • Toilet seats
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Light switches
  • Makeup brushes
  • Bath Mat
  • Shower trays
  • Pillows
  • Remote control
  • Garbage bins

 The list is enormous. It doesn’t stop at 15 but goes on for a while. We don’t want to scare you off. Yes, it could get frightening and you may start feeling anxious but that’s what we are here for. We take care of providing you a home that is fresh, clean and germ-free.

Our staff has been trained to clean everything with disinfectants because your health is important to us. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it when you do decide to take up cleaning.

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!

Forgotten Places to Clean in Your Home

We Indians love cleaning. Our elders feel proud in showing off their cleaned homes to guests. Whether its fans, door knobs or Window glasses everything at my grandmother’s place looks sparkly clean even after 20 years. Unfortunately, today we neither have the time nor energy to clean every single place in our homes. A period when Pre-Diwali time means rigorously cleaning your house is the era in which we live.
Today we give you a list of places that you should plan to clean if not every other week than once a month. Believe it or not, these places could be the biggest spots for communicable diseases or for germs to spread.

  • Under the Carpet: Your rug is one of the dirtiest places in your home. From pets urine, to nails, to constant dust under it- you carpet bears it all. It is always best to get the carpet cleaned once in every 3-6months from professional cleaning service.
  • Chandelier: You often clean your artefacts or flower pots kept in your home then why not clean Chandelier and fancy lights too? They are also an open object for collecting dust. Hire cleaning services to clean them once in 6 months. You could use a duster with extendable handle to clean.
  • Door knobs: Even Cameron Diaz, one of Charlie’s Angels fighting villains, is scared of finding germs on door knobs. She always carries a disinfectant with her so as to avoid viral diseases. We suggest you use the same to clean door knobs.
  • House plants: Just because you watered your plant doesn’t mean the plant can survive on its own. The leaves collect a lot of dust and you can clean it in moments using dry clothes or feather duster. That’s all you need.
  • Fridge: We often clean the front or the handle of the fridge but do we think of cleaning under or the top of the fridge? Dust often collects at both these places so make sure you regularly clean these places too.

Some other places that should be cleaned once every month include:

  • Ceiling and walls
  • Behind TV/ Wall art
  • Sink drain
  • Beds, Sofas and chairs
  • Blinds
  • Fans
  • Windows and windowsills

We, at Klean Homz, take care of most of these places. We offer a variety of packages to choose from which you can opt for thorough cleaning. Also, you can always contact us for customised cleaning packages to include places that you feel like get dirty too soon. We love to talk, contact us.

Next time we will discuss the things you should clean every week because believe it or not, you are inhaling and eating germs when you ignore appliances that need to be cleaned immediately.

Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it when you do decide to take up cleaning.

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!

Is Swachh Bharat Still a Success?

India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day On August 15th 2016 and it has been a remarkable journey throughout these years. We have manufactured a car of the lowest cost possible, successfully launched 20 satellites in a single flight, own the third largest Army in the world and have become the power hub of IT industry. With all these developments, another achievement was added to the hat when our current Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi, started one of the greatest initiative for the development of our country “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, a mission to clean India’s cities and villages. Many activities were undertaken under the Clean India movement.


  • Eliminate open defecation
  • Eradicate manual scavenging
  • Introduce modern and scientific municipal solid waste management practices
  • Include people to spread awareness as well as make our country clean.


This challenge was undertaken in the year 2014 and although glimpses of progress are visible, it is still believed that the pace has slowed down.

31.83 lakh toilets have been built till now under this campaign, which is 25.4% of the target. Over the next years, the government plans to invest nearly Rs 2 lakh crore to construct 12 crore toilets. There are talks of ministers sitting down with the Gram panchayats of villages located along the Ganga and make them understand the importance of a Clean and Green India. Moreover, the Center government has offered to pay 12,000 rupees to every individual who is willing to build a toilet in their household.

Like every coin has two sides, negative consequences have surfaced out too for the Clean India campaign. Open defecation has been strongly discouraged in every part of the country and toilets have been installed but without the option of a sewage system. Women are often made to clean these toilets or have to find places which are far away from home and in risky parts of the area with less population. Scholars and experts have suggested a different approach on spreading awareness of why toilets are important. They have recommended to begin with a campaign that educates people on how toilets could save children and their nutrition value which would serve as a great way of promoting toilets in rural India.

The Klean Homz community has been a great supporter of the Clean India movement from the very beginning. We truly believe that this campaign alone can make our country outshine among tourists to become one of the world’s best tourist destination. If all of us as active citizens take the initiative and work energetically to make a Green and Clean India then our PM’s dream of achieving his target goals by 2019 can be achieved successfully. Let’s pledge to make our Homes and community clean on this Independence Day!

Clean India, Green India!

Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

Monsoon is a beautiful season with rains, fog and clouds filled sky. It is the season of love, an inspiration for poets and authors, a season meant for exploring green spreads across the country. But monsoon is also the season of viral infection, cough and cold and bugs! Insects in all sizes become a constant irritation and can also be the cause of many diseases.
So in this article we are going to talk about simple home remedies that you can practically employ in your home for a clean, insect-less home. These remedies are easy to use and you may combine them for superior results.

  • Peppermint: It is the best deterrent for bugs. Believe it or not, insects (spiders in particular) don’t like the smell of peppermint. Fill a bottle with peppermint essential oil and water which will not only make the spiders go away but will also make your home smell great!
  • Citrus Peels: Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges have a repellent smell. They have the same effect as peppermint. So if you don’t like the smell of one, you can choose either of lemon, orange or peppermint or use them alternatively too.


  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a versatile winner in the sense that it has thousands of uses. It can also be used as a spider repellent by combining it with water and spraying it around. Take care to add the exact proportion of water or it may become diluted (hence, giving no effect) or come off as too strong a smell which may not be liked by everyone.
  • Chestnuts: Chestnuts may become your best friends when fighting a war against bugs. You can just place them along the window on the ledge or the window sill to keep bugs away. Chestnuts do not get rotten easily thus, they can serve the purpose for a longer duration than other remedies suggested here.


  • Essential Oils: These come in variety of options- lavender, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, neem oil etc. You have to combine this oil in lukewarm water and spray the solution around the house.

There a variety of other options available- like buying a pet which eats away the bugs, using tobacco, keeping your surrounding clean etc. These remedies may not prove 100% effective but you will see a significant drop in the bugs found in your home.

Make sure to not spray non-toxic sprays in the places that have easy access when you have small kids. Let us know if you tried anything and if they were effective in the comments below.

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