Removing Old and Fresh Carpet Stains from Pet Urine- Some Useful Tips

Handling pets is not a matter of lark, more so, because they don’t know the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. And that is probably the reason why they often turn their owner’s carpet into their peeing area. If you too own a pet that has this problem, then the need of the hour is to either toilet-train it or find out ways to clean your carpet effectively.

Some studies have proved that animals relieve themselves only where they relieve pretty often. The problem arises when the carpet ends up being that spot. If your pet has really gotten into this weird habit of peeing on the carpet, and you can’t make your pet realize it’s a bad habit, then the best way out would be to learn some ways of cleaning urine stains. For your convenience, we help you out here with some tips-

  • How to remove a fresh stain?

As soon as your pet pees on the carpet, take some paper towels and lay them on the spot of urine. The towels will absorb the urine fast. For even faster soaking, you can put some towels underneath the affected area. Remove the towels, when you feel they have soaked up the liquid entirely.

The second step is cleaning. If you can machine wash your carpet, do that with some good quality liquid detergent and baking soda. You can also apply the mixture of these two ingredients to the area affected by the urine. Once you are done with the first wash, the smell should be gone. If you still get the smell, go for a second wash; this time with vinegar. There are specialized products available for pet odor removal; you can use them too.

  • Removing old carpet stains-

Old pet urine stains are hard to remove from carpets. Even if you remove the stains somehow, the smell might persist. For the removal of the odor, you can hire an extractor or some professional company for stain cleaning. An extractor rinses the fibers too well. As a result of which, the urine essence doesn’t remain attached to the carpet. The next step would be to use a pet odor neutralizer, which will entirely remove any lingering smell. For visible stains, stain removers can be used.

In most of the cases, the stains on your carpet remain invisible. In such a case, only the foul odor of urine could help you spot the stain.

Also, stay away from using a steam cleaner. It could only make the stain linger for long.

Although fresh stains are not that big a headache, yet old ones can really make you lose your sleep. Cleaning is not something you should do if you think you won’t be able to do full justice to this job. Instead, hire a service provider. Thankfully, there is no shortage of professional assistance. Although there are many Carpet cleaning services in dlf 3 out there, there is nothing like Kleanhomz. It is one of the best carpet cleaning service providers in your city.

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