Here is How to Clean Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are amazing to look at. And guess what, they can be extremely cozy. But when it comes to cleaning, they can simply make things difficult for you. But sofas are sofas, and they are destined to get dirty. Starting from drink spills and food stains, a lot of things can make your sofa get dirty. The only way to protect it from stains and dirt is to cover it with a plastic case, which, of course, is going to mar the aesthetic value of your sofa. Now, what must have popped up in your mind is this question- “Is it is possible to clean a fabric sofa?” Well, the answer is ‘yes.’ Here is an amazing tip on how to clean it without a lot of hassle-

If your sofa has a tag of X, then it will be valuable for you to know that you can clean it only with a vacuum cleaner. If, however, there is S marked on your sofa tag, then you can use solvent-based cleaners to clean it. In case, your sofa has a tag marked WS or W, clean it using the following tips-

But before we proceed and learn the tips, let’s look at the tools needed-

  • You will first need a vacuum cleaner having an upholstery attachment.
  • Take around 3 microfiber cloths. Make sure these clothes are light colored so that the colors don’t bleed and spoil your sofa fabric.
  • You will also need a bucket.
  • Make use of distilled water because there are minerals in tap water that can leave residues on the sofa surface making it look ugly. You can either buy distilled water from the market or prepare your own distilled water using any DIY method.
  • Use good quality liquid dish soap.
  • Make use of white vinegar that has been distilled.

So, here are the cleaning steps-

  • First, clean all the dirt and dust from the sofa surface with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Pour 2 cups of distilled water in your bucket and add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into it. Follow up with a tablespoon of vinegar. Now, mix all the ingredients together.
  • Now dip your microfiber cloth in this cleaning solution and wipe the surface of the sofa with this cloth. Make sure you don’t scrub or rub the cloth on the surface. This could damage the fibers. Clean the surface by dabbing the cloth onto the affected area.
  • Now, use another microfiber cloth to clean the soapy residue from the surface of the sofa. Make sure you dip this cloth in distilled water before using it.
  • Now, take the third microfiber cloth and dry out the wet surface.
  • In order to dry out the area quickly direct a fan towards the wet area.

Although this is the best way to clean fabric sofas, this might not work on your furniture. So, it’s always important to read the instruction manual that comes with your sofa set. In case, you don’t have it or have misplaced it, you can check for any tags on the sofa. Generally, these tags come printed with all the vital details you need to know about taking care of your sofa.

Diwali is around the corner and you will definitely need deep cleaning for your house. Cleaning the floor and the roof alone will not make your house completely clean. You will have to clean your sofas as well. If the above method of cleaning fabric sofas doesn’t impress you much or you think you won’t be able to do it on your own, don’t hesitate to hire dry cleaning services of Klean Homz, one of the best deep cleaning experts in the city.


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