Some Simple Yet Amazing Ways to Remove Diya Stains

Diwali is around the corner. And when it comes to Diwali, you can’t think of anything else but diyas. While diyas give you immense joy and a lot of pleasant light, they leave something unpleasant- stains! Yes, that’s right. Diyas leave pretty bad oil stains and cleaning them is not child’s play. Yes, you might think of scrubbing as a solution. But scrubbing is not suitable for all types of surfaces. So, by scrubbing hard, you might damage your floor or any other surface where the diyas had been. So, is there no alternative to scrubbing? Well, there is. In fact, there are many amazing ways with which you can clean the stains. Just have a look-

  • Try paint thinner – Paint thinner can be of great help to you in the post-Diwali scenario. If you want to remove stubborn oil stain; just mix paint thinner and sawdust and apply the mixture onto the stain. Let the oil soak it. And keep it there untouched for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you need to sweep the mixture off. You might feel that a reapplication is needed. In that case, do reapply the mixture. Isn’t it one of the easiest ways to remove diya oil stains? Yes!
  • The ever-popular baking soda – If you thought baking soda only helps make fluffy baked items, then you couldn’t be more wrong. It is an amazing cleaning agent to remove diya oil stains. All you need to remove stains with baking soda is to sprinkle a little of it onto the stain, and it gets removed almost instantly. Then later use some hot water to wash it off.
  • The effective dishwashing detergent – If you don’t have paint thinner at home or you don’t have baking soda ready at hand, then you can also make use of your dishwashing detergent liquid to remove the stain. This is something almost every household contains. And you won’t really have to worry about its availability. No matter where you live, you are going to find it. There is no easier way to clean a Diwali diya stain. Just sprinkle some detergent on the stain. Let it be there for some time. Meanwhile, you can boil some water. When it is piping hot, put it on the stain. Make sure the surface is not vulnerable to temperature. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the floor.
  • The magical Tri Sodium Phosphate – If you are tensed about a thicker and more stubborn stain, then try Tri Sodium Phosphate. It has amazing cleansing properties. And there is no reason why it shouldn’t help you remove diya oil stains after Diwali. Now, you must be wondering how to use it. Well, to use it you need a gallon of water. Just mix TSP with the gallon of water and pour it on the stain. Let it sit for around 20 to 30 minutes after which you need to wipe it off. Your stain will be gone forever.

Aren’t these some really amazing ways to remove diya stains? Well, yes! If still, you need professional help then contact floor cleaning experts in Sushant Lok phase 1. Although there are many experts, no one has the kind of expertise Klean Homz has.

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