Post Construction/Interior Site Cleaning

Got a messy house? Renovation or construction has been completed in your house and you don’t know how to get rid of the paint marks and wood shavings etc.? Let the skillful, efficient, trained Klean Homz crew handle it for you.

Our cleaning crew will descale and disinfect your entire house including floor scrubbing, bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, glass windows etc. Also we will be glad to remove:

  1. Paint marks and cobwebs.
  2. Wood shavings, carpentry dust, minor cement deposits, etc.


We perform this service at a stage when the construction/renovation is fully complete.

Non Inclusions:

  1. Removal of stains and cement deposit which are permanent in nature cannot be guaranteed
  2. Areas not accessible to the cleaning team (for example, glass windows not reachable because of fixed grills/mesh, exteriors of windows with no balcony access, etc)
  3. Removal of all paint marks cannot be guaranteed.