Move In/Out Cleaning

Professional Cleaning to your Rescue!

Have you been on the lookout for a company which is specialized in Move in cleanings? With

Klean Homz, you are assured of the best cleaning services. The range of services will meet your cleaning requirements.

Why choose us?

Klean Homz is a company with vast experience of 7 years in the specialized cleaning industry.

The workforce has gone through rigorous training and skilling programs and are well-trained and experienced professionals.

The team will be under the Supervision of a Supervisor who is adept at handling the crew and also ensuring quality work is done in a swift manner.

Klean Homz is sensitive to the fact that it is a home and hygienic cleaning is of great importance. We ensure this with colour coded cleaning cloth, colour coded caddy that carry cleaning agents and use of head caps, gloves etc. to ensure a hygienic cleaning process.

Klean Homz is known amongst its client as a reliable & trustworthy organization due to its always improving checks and verifications of the personal.

Klean Homz uses professional and specialized equipments & tools. The team arrives fully equipped for the cleaning to ensure quality cleaning services without hassle for its clients. All that the client provides is water & electricity.

We, at Klean Homz, use only nature-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents, which will not damage any of the in-house furnishings and are keeping in mind elderly people and toddlers in the house. We ensure a high degree of cleanliness, in addition to taking care of the environment, property and its occupants by incorporating the best in line products. Often, when a family moves in to a rented home, it must be white-washed and cleaned thoroughly to make them feel like they are moving in to a new home. Immaculate bathrooms and a gleaming floor will ensure that you will move in to the best house possible!

The Importance of Cleanliness

Since our childhood, we have been taught that cleanliness is extremely crucial. Keeping our surroundings clean is equally important. Hygiene forms a vital part of our life and portrays an excellent image of oneself too. Our products will ensure that cleanliness is second-nature, and you won’t have to be worried about anything to do with dirt.

Our Services

Every customer will have their specific requests & varied requirements. With our customized service, we can cater to your cleaning requirements and provide the relevant cleaning services. We will not force you into taking any package that includes services that aren’t needed. From removing grease in the kitchen to stains on the floor, our group of experts will provide the best solutions (literally) to ensure a clean home remains in front of you. Punctuality and timeliness is ingrained in our training, and once we have agreed upon a date and time, there is no doubt that it will be done. Our professional services will leave you dazzled, exactly like your house when we are finished with it.

Book our move in cleaning service and ensure that your tenants enjoy a dust-free and sanitized atmosphere. Alternatively, if you are planning to move out, ensure you leave a great impression on those who occupy the house after you.

Non Inclusions:

1. Shifting of Heavy Furniture is not included.

2. The stain removal from carpets or upholstery is not included.