Floor Cleaning services in dlf 5

Regular cleaning of floors is essential for keeping your house or office in a neat and tidy condition. A dirty floor is the first thing that any person notices when they enter a room, and this can create a bad impression in their mind. But cleaning floors is a difficult job; moreover, you would not know how to clean different types of floors properly. Cleaning floors inappropriately can cause more harm to your floors, and they might end up looking more dirty than normal. This is why you need professional help to deal with it. Klean Homz does just that. We will clean your floors while taking care of the type of floor it is.

We provide floor cleaning services in dlf 5 like floor scrubbing and floor buffing which will transform your floor to feel fresh and almost new by removing all the dirt and dust mechanized accumulated in the pores. As we use eco-friendly cleaning agents and special scrubbing pads, you can rest assured that your floors are in good hands and the buffing provides the shine.

Professional floor cleaning machines, which are used to remove all the micro-dust particles on the floor, are manned by professionals. They suitably maintain pressure and weight on delicate and hard floors. The cleaning agents will next work their magic to restore life to your lifeless floors. The tools used for scrubbing are made in such a way that they don’t cause scratches to your floors, but scrape off most of the accumulation.

We provide more floor cleaning services in dlf 5 such as floor polishing. With our famous 3-step technique using special buffing and scrubbing pads, non-acidic and eco-friendly cleaning agents and a quality polish, your floor will look like nearly new. Quality machinery is used to achieve this kind of excellence. Your floor will look totally fresh with an additional gloss and shine after our floor polishing service is over.