Deep Cleaning of Your House is a Cakewalk with These Tips

Giving the house a deep clean is not something we do very often. And that is why, when we do, the cleaning should be thorough and extensive. You might think it’s tough. But with the right tools, the right cleaning agents, and the right techniques, offering your house a full deep clean will be a breeze.
There are six basic steps that you should follow for a squeaky-clean house.

1. Begin with de-cluttering!

If a particular room is cluttered, you will have to find another place for items that stick out like a sore thumb. If possible, dump them entirely. If, however, you can’t dump them immediately, you can probably put them in a closet, so that you can dump them later or whenever it’s possible for you. You wouldn’t want the chore of cleaning to be overwhelmingly tough, isn’t it?

2. Follow the high to low order!

The objects that lie higher in the room should be cleaned first. For instance, you can begin by cleaning the ceiling, and then the ceiling fan, the light bulbs on the walls, walls, the dashboards, etc. For this type of cleaning, you will need a clean microfiber mop or a duster with a telescopic handle. You won’t really need any agent for such kind of cleaning; a spritz of water is enough. For lower level cleaning, you might, however, need a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap. Don’t forget to add a little white vinegar for cleaning the bathroom, so as to prevent the growth of mould. Where mops are of no use, use a microfiber cloth. Rinse this cloth often and wring well.

3. Doing the windows is important!

It might feel like a big chore, but the results are really rewarding. The sills and tracks must first be vacuumed. And then spritz cleaner on the windows, starting at the top. Leave the cleaner for a minute and wipe it off.

4. Curtains need a deep cleaning too!

For this, you won’t have to get them down. Just vacuum those using the brush attachment and you are done. Washing and ironing your curtains is way too much work. Simply fluff them in the dryer for a couple of minutes, and they are all ready to be hung back.

5. Dusting time!

Now, it’s time to clean the hard surfaces. Starting from built-ins and shelves to wooden furniture,everything needs to look and feel clean. For cleaning them, use a petroleum distillate-free, beeswax-based wood cleaner. Lampshades can be cleaned with a lint roller.

6. Make the floors shine!

To do a deep cleaning of the floor, you must move furniture pieces aside, even the large ones like the bed. To make this easier, you must always get furniture gliders attached to the larger furniture items. Do the basic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. For moping, you can go for a microfiber cloth and a good cleaner. Another amazing trick to do a whole house deep cleaning is to follow a different cleaning routine for different rooms.

Now, there is no denying that these deep cleaning tips above are handy and useful. If, however, you think you will not be able to undertake such thorough cleaning without professional aid, then contact the experts at Klean Homz, the finest deep cleaning company serving Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida for the desired results.

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