Deep Cleaning Your House Gets As Easy As ABC

It’s not always that you deep clean your house, but when the levels of dirt and clutter surpass acceptable limits, you do need to take the pain to carry out a deep clean. If you are under the impression that deep cleaning your house is going to be a daunting task, then you are right, it indeed a daunting & challenging. There are so many handy cleaning tips that cleaning won’t appear to be a backbreaking chore. And guess what! You will be able to do all the cleaning in a very less amount of time. So, what makes you wait? Check out these cleaning tips, and get going-

  1. Cleaning your carpets is never an easy job. After all, they are heavy, and you can’t handle them easily. That is why a lot of people leave them lying dirty on the floor. Well, that is dangerous because your carpet occupies a considerable area of your floor. And sometimes, you even let your kids or pets play on it. Hence, its cleanliness should be a priority in your cleaning routine. But the question that arises here is- how to clean a carpet. Well, you can clean it with an iron, especially when there is a mysterious stain on it. Yes, that’s true! If, however, the stains are too stubborn like stains of oil, you can use vinegar and baking soda to remove them.
  2. Getting stains out of your micro-fibre couch can be a little difficult. But you can rub alcohol on the stains to make them disappear instantly.
  3. Sometimes your AC can get blocked with dirt and dust, which could lower its performance. That is why you should clean it regularly. You can use your vacuum cleaner to get stubborn dirt out of your AC.
  4. It’s not possible to get the grime out of your blinds. More so, when dusting is the only way you try to clean them. The best way to clean your blinds is by using some vinegar.
  5. Kitchen sinks can get really dirty and grimy at times. And removing that can be a daunting task. To clean the sink perfectly, you can use a mixture of rock salt, vinegar, baking soda, lemons and ice cubes. This is a powerful cleaning agent and removes grime in a kitchen sink effectively.
  6. Deep-seated oily dirt can sometimes be removed with oil. Yes, you heard that right! To remove stubborn oil residues on flat and smooth surfaces, that have also attracted dust, you need a little vegetable oil. Soak a cloth in the oil, and then, use it to remove old oil stains from smooth surfaces like tiles.
  7. If you want to remove scales from your faucets, then all you need is some vinegar on a paper towel. This is the best way to de-scale your faucets.

Now, that you know how to deep clean your house, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep your house clean and tidy at all times. If, however, all this seems like a lot of chore, it would be wise of you to contact professional deep cleaning services. For the best cleaning, contact Klean Homz.

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