Here Are Some Amazing Tips on How to Clean Up After a Party

Who doesn’t want to throw a weekend party after a long week that seems never-ending? But hosting parties is not all fun. If you hold the party on Saturday night, you spend your entire Sunday cleaning the after-party mess. But that shouldn’t dishearten you or discourage you to throw parties. With the tips below, you will be able to clean up a party mess without much hassle. Check them out here-

  • A great remedy for water rings-

Water rings on wooden furniture surfaces make for a common after-party sight. Probably your guests couldn’t find a coaster to keep their glass on. Now, is that a fault of your guests? Probably not! Don’t worry; it is not at all difficult to clean them. All you need is non-gel toothpaste which you apply along the ring and then wipe with a clean cloth. You are done!

  • A solution for broken glass pieces on the floor-

When things get messy during the party, you can expect a few broken glasses on the floor. Now, how do you clean them? For cleaning them, you need a broom and a dustpan. To remove smaller bits of the remaining glass, you can make use of a piece of bread, which you press against the floor, so that small little bits of glass come stuck to it.

  • Remove lipstick stains easily-

Lipstick stains on glassware can easily be removed by using a solution of warm soapy water mixed with half a cup of white vinegar, to clean it. Trying to scrub the stains off with hand could take a lot of effort. But this solution is easy to make and handy, which makes it a perfect cleaning agent for such stains.

  • Treat floor scuffs this way for their easy removal-

During a party, every place turns into a dance floor, even your living room and kitchen. If your crazy dancing has left quite a lot of scuffs on the floor, then it’s probably giving you jitters now. Polyurethane hardwood floor is especially vulnerable to scuffs. But don’t worry; cleaning scuffs is not going to be a hassle with this tip. All you need is a soft cloth, with which you rub the scuffs, and the results will surprise you. If the scuff is stubborn, you can dab a little floor cleaner onto the cloth for removing it.

  • What to do with any leftover wine?

Leftover wine shouldn’t be emptied down the sink. First, it will make you feel like puke. Secondly, that smell in the kitchen is going to linger for long, which you might not like. As an alternative, you can put the leftover wine into ice trays. The ice cubes that get formed can be used in recipes later that demand the use of wine.

With these cleaning tips at hand, you will definitely be able to clean up an after-party mess pretty easily. If, however, all this looks like a lot of chores, then you can contact any good company offering services for After Party Cleaning in Noida, to get rid of the Hangover! For reliable services, you can always trust Klean Homz.

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