Sick and Tired of Grime and Limescale Around the Sink? Try Out These Amazing Solutions!

Dirty utensils leave your kitchen sink looking dull and charmless. Everything, starting from sauces, drinks and leftover food, takes a toll on your sink, and it begins to look grimy.

How would it be if you could make your kitchen sink look new again? Well, that’s pretty much possible, if you follow a few tips. What tips are we talking about? Check them out here-

  • Prepare a powerful sink cleaner with pantry items-

This sink cleaner serves multiple purposes and it goes absolutely easy on your pocket. What more? It’s extremely effective and is easy to make. The items you will need to prepare this cleaner are a sugar shaker, table salt, and baking soda. Mix these ingredients together and your natural sink cleaner is ready. You can use this cleaner to remove tannin stains caused by coffee and tea as well as limescale. As a result, it leaves your sink looking squeaky clean and shiny.

  • Make use of an old toothbrush-

Never dump old toothbrushes. You can always use an old toothbrush to clean the tap at your sink. Even the finest of ridges and gaps can be cleaned with the bristles of a toothbrush. Starting from grime to limescale, everything can be cleaned with a sturdy toothbrush.

  • Make use of lemon to remove limescale-

Removing stubborn limescale is not a matter of lark, especially when it gathers around the spout of the tap at your kitchen sink. Although there are many cleaning agents that you can buy from the market to remove dense limescale, there is nothing like lemon. All you need is a few hours of time, and you will see what magic lemon can work on limescale. What makes lemon such a great cleaner is its acidic properties. Now, the question that arises here is how to do the cleaning with the help of lemons? Well, for that, cut a lemon into two halves; rub it on the tap, focusing more on areas where limescale has formed a thick layer. Leave it on for two hours. Rinse it and then let it dry. You will be amazed to see how powerful this solution is.

  • Clean the sink after every use-

The best way to keep your kitchen sink looking clean at all times is to make sure it never gets excessively dirty. Every time you wash your dishes or clean any other thing at the sink, make sure you wipe it clean.

If you don’t mind going a little far then do also offer your sink a swill. Just take your kitchen brush and a sponge and offer the sink a quick clean. It won’t really take a lot of time! This way, you will be able to prevent the build-up of limescale or grime in the sink.

These cleaning tips are, no doubt, some of the best we can offer you. And the remedies dished out here are so effective that they will sure help you keep your kitchen sink looking shiny. But if you wish to leave these thankless tasks to the professionals , then don’t hesitate call a professional cleaning services in Delhi.

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