How to Get Started

Working for Cleaner Homes and Offices:
There is a common misconception that a clean street will automatically translate into a better environment for us because we are so used to the clutter and dust in our own homes and offices. But that is not the case.Remember that our health is impacted upon by several environmental factors. In recent years, respiratory diseases in our country have been on a rise, and a major cause of that, aside from pollution is the dirt and dust within our homes and offices. Within your home, the kitchen can be a hotbed of bacterial activity, so make sure to carry out kitchen cleaning including degreasing to ensure that your food is prepared in healthy and clean conditions.

What We Can Do:
They say charity begins at home, and this saying carries over to all other walks of life. Not only is cleanliness the right step in improving our environment, but also our health is largely affected by our surroundings. Any unclean and untidy areas can be the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can cause harmful illnesses, which may even prove fatal in some cases. Here are a few steps we can take in order to play our individual role in Swachh Bharat movement:

  1. Learn to Walk Before You Run:
    Often times, people feel they have done their part in the national cleanliness campaign by cleaning out one room or one apartment. They do not consider the cleanliness of the entire community their own responsibility; or if they did once, they are tired of repeating their efforts. Therefore, the solution first is to educate people on their duties and responsibilities. Here is a simple idea: gather your friends and family members, talk to your classmates, or arrange an office deep cleaning. This will help break the ice and encourage others to work for promoting cleanliness and tidiness in their surroundings.
  2. Get Others Invigorated:
    Due to many factors, including highly responsive technology, we now expect results when we first start an effort. The truth is a national scale campaign takes time to catch on, particularly in the areas which are less developed. It is true that these areas are the most in need of adopting cleanliness, yet they are often the last ones to accept and implement such measures. By involving others in this activity, you can help people understand that changes of a major scale do not take place overnight; rather they need to be adopted over time. Consistently being involved in cleaning up your environment will instill the practice in others and encourage them to do the same.

Start From Your School, College, or Office:
Organizing a cleaning campaign on the street or your society won’t be that simple or easy. There are many factors in leadership and teamwork that you may not have yet experienced, so start out small. Starting a minor level campaign at a place where you interact with people; say your school, college, or office will give you the exposure required to effectively manage cleaning activities on a larger scale. You will also gather the respect of your seniors and colleagues along the way.