The Ultimate Checklist for Office Cleaning

Keeping a workplace squeaky clean is not a matter of fun. Commercial spaces get dirty more easily than you can imagine. Thanks to the number of people that visit an office space and the kind of busyness offices are into. If you are thinking of doing DIY cleaning or feel hiring a self-employed cleaner would be the best bet, then it would be valuable for you to understand that consistency and sticking to a fixed schedule are important for success.

So, here is a professional office cleaning checklist that has been broken down into three basic categories- daily, weekly and monthly. By doing everything included in the list diligently, you will be able to maintain a great level of cleanliness at your office. As a result of which your clients, new employees, and stakeholders will be compelled to appreciate your company and hold it in high esteem.

So, let’s check out what the checklist includes-


Maintaining a daily cleaning schedule will help you maintain a great level of cleanliness and hygiene at your office. As a result, your office space will look more welcoming than ever. The most important benefit of having a daily cleaning schedule is that it prevents the build-up of dirt and rubbish. Some of the most important cleaning tasks that need to be done daily include-

  • Cleaning of desktops and furniture surfaces with a clean damp cloth.
  • Computer monitors and keyboards tend to attract a lot of dust. They should be cleaned carefully.
  • Light switches and doors handles should also be cleaned.
  • Keep the space organised so that there is no surface clutter.
  • Hard floor should be mopped daily.
  • Use garbage bags in trash cans and recycle bins. Keep the cans clean & disinfected regularly.
  • If there is a pantry area, clean it daily.
  • The dining area should also be used invariably.
  • Load and unload the dishwasher at the office without forgetting. (If there in one)
  • Hoover areas that receive high footfalls.
  • The floor should be hovered daily, especially when the office tends to get dirty easily.
  • Clean the bathrooms without fail, and don’t forget to disinfect them.



The tasks that need to be undertaken weekly are more laborious, and they are there to prevent the standard of cleanliness maintained at the office from plummeting. They include the following-

  • Cleaning of the walls and other painted surfaces.
  • You must also clean the windows.
  • Glasses, mirrors, and metallic surfaces should be polished properly.
  • Clean the appliances in the pantry – such as fridge, microwave, oven, toaster etc. that gets dirty easily.


The monthly tasks include little efforts that make a huge difference in how clean and welcoming your office appears-

  • Vacuum cleaning vents.
  • Vacuum clean all fabric surfaces.
  • Extensive dusting.
  • Use a steam cleaner to deep clean carpets.
  • Maintain hard floor sheen by polishing them.

By following these daily, weekly and monthly schedules, you sure will be able to keep your office spic and span. But if all this looks too tedious, hire a professional cleaning company. For the kind of results you want to see, hire Klean homz, with a team of well versed & experienced professionals who are fully equipped. You can be assured that the best cleaning service will be provided.

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