Build Toilets, Get FREE Movie Tickets

Yes, you read it right! That’s what has been announced by Puducherry government. A survey conducted by rural development agency stated that only 325 houses had toilets in their homes in the Sellipet village out of 772 homes. Such shocking numbers made the government take alluring steps to curb the problem of fewer washrooms found in villages. The Collector of one of the districts suggested offering free tickets for Rajinikanth’s movie “Kabali” which made people talk about this innovative idea and the seriousness of this issue.

An appalling 58 percent of the residents of the village defecate out in the open which is a shame for our country. The Puducherry government has laid out Rs. 120 crore plan to build toilets under Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. An estimated 55,000 households will get the opportunity to sit in close toilets and defecate which is a huge step.


Toilet crunch

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Let’s take a step to control the problem of open defecation or unclean toilets. Call us now to know more information.