Fight Malaria and Dengue

Delhi, West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka were among the worst-hit states from Dengue, in 2015. A total of 99913 cases were reported all over India and 220 were found dead because of Vector Borne Diseases. If the records of this year are seen, until June 2016, 8307 cases have already been reported and 10 fatalities have occurred. The problem is so severe that even the Central and state governments have taken notice of it and have devised special ambulances or plans to curb it.

While Malaria usually breeds in rainwater pools and puddles, borrow pits, river bed pools etc, Dengue breeds in any type of manmade containers or storage containers having even a small quantity of water. As understood from the sentences above, these diseases have more chance of occurrence in the rainy season. Most of the times these diseases can be cured by ingestion of expensive medicines but in some cases, they may result in fatalities.


Prevent Dengue

Prevent Dengue

Common places in our homes where there is a probability of finding Dengue and malaria vectors are Desert coolers,Drums, Jars, Pots, Buckets, Flower vases, Plant saucers, Tanks, Cisterns, Bottles, Tins, Tires, Roof gutters, Refrigerator drip pans, Cement blocks, Bamboo stumps, Coconut shells, Tree holes and many more places where rainwater collects easily.


We, at Klean Homz, understand the severity of the problem and have trained our staff to check for such minimal containers at your homes and in washrooms. Our cleaners have been instructed to specially

clean places or jars where is a possibility of rainwater getting collected so that you and your family is protected from the hazards of such Vector Borne Diseases.

We ensure to take care of you and your home not just to make the house look beautiful but to keep you safe and healthy as well. Be safe, Be healthy!

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