Forgotten Items to Clean in Your Home

As promised in our last blog, this time, we will be discussing “Things” that should be cleaned regularly to protect ourselves from germs. There are certain objects that carry even more germs than your Toilet Seat! Yes, it’s shockingly true. So this time, we thought why not discuss these things that are used in everyday life but we don’t usually think about cleaning them.

  • Your desk: Yes, you use it every day but how often do you clean it? Your desk is said to be at least 100 times dirtier than a toilet seat because we often skip it while cleaning the surroundings. Be sure to use a disinfectant wipe once a week from now on.
  • Forgotten dirty thingsCutting Board: Even after washing it with water or soap, a cutting board carries 200 times more fecal matter than a toilet seat. Always, and we mean ALWAYS, soak it in bleach after you use to cut meat or poultry.




  • Carpet: Definitely the dirtiest item on Earth! What does not happen on it? Your children play on it, they sit on the carpet to eat and if you have a pet then the probability of germs found on the carpet will only multiply. On average, carpets carry an astonishing 4,000 times more germs than the toilet seat! Weekly vacuuming or dry cleaning is a must!

Keyboard cleaning

  • Keyboard: It’s unquestionably true for me! If you turn over my keyboard upside down or take it for a closer inspection, you will find every embarrassing thing possible- food crumbs, oily fingerprints from eating food and typing simultaneously and a lot of dust. A disinfectant wipe or cleaning it with a brush can work wonders for you. Try it right now.


  • Vacuum cleaner: Cleaning your cleaning items themselves is also a tough job but a necessary one. Many guides are available on how one should clean vacuum cleaners by taking every part apart. A quick Google can save your cleaner from creating a further mess.
  • Electronic appliances: Cell phones, Toaster, Oven, Iron, Dishwasher, Washing machine, Refrigerator. You name it and it is on the list. All of these appliances serve as the hub of dirt collection. Use disinfectants, alcohol wipes and rubber gloves once a month to wipe them clean.

Clean your home

  • Toilet seats
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Light switches
  • Makeup brushes
  • Bath Mat
  • Shower trays
  • Pillows
  • Remote control
  • Garbage bins

 The list is enormous. It doesn’t stop at 15 but goes on for a while. We don’t want to scare you off. Yes, it could get frightening and you may start feeling anxious but that’s what we are here for. We take care of providing you a home that is fresh, clean and germ-free.

Our staff has been trained to clean everything with disinfectants because your health is important to us. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it when you do decide to take up cleaning.

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!

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