Toilet Cleaning Services

A shocking 53 percent of Indian homes are deficient in toilets and from that 53% about 70 percent of the houses are found in the villages. Basic needs like washroom are not accessible to poor and that’s outrageous! According to UNICEF, Poor sanitation and contaminated water cause 80 percent of the diseases afflicting rural India, and diarrhea is a leading killer of children younger than 5.

Such reports along with the appalling statistics impelled our PM, Narendra Modi, to announce the “Clean India” movement to provide healthy toilet facilities to more than 60 million homes by 2019. His government, along with active citizens and NGOs of India, has been rigorously working to achieve that target. But is that enough? The outcries of the people of village clearly indicate a big NO. Although 5.8 million toilets were built it has been reported that most of them have gone unused or are being used as storage spaces and open defecation is still widely accepted as it provides “pleasure, comfort and convenience.” The picture is equally disgraceful when we talk about cities. Even in big cities, only 30 percent of sewage is treated and disposed of.

Toilet Cleaning Services

We, at Klean Homz, cannot help clean up the sewage systems of a city but we can surely help you make your toilets a better, hygienic and germ-free area. A customized cleaning package has been designed especially for washrooms which are the breeding grounds of diseases and bacteria. We ensure to remove dust from all places and especially concentrate on removing hard water stains on floors as well as shower cabins, tubs or Jacuzzi. We also sanitize your toilet and disinfect it killing germs and reducing the danger of diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc.

Let us take the small steps of keeping our washrooms clean to help fight the bigger cause of making a “Swachh Bharat” someday.

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